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Model Files Molestation, Cheating Complaint Against Her Agent

Mumbai-A model-cum-Kannada starlet Ritu Sachdeva has filed a complaint with Mumbai's Versova police station alleging that he agent, Flynn remedios cheated her of Rs 4 lakhs, says a MidDay report. The starlet-model has accused her

PTI Updated on: November 12, 2010 12:35 IST
model files molestation cheating complaint against her agent
model files molestation cheating complaint against her agent

Mumbai-A model-cum-Kannada starlet Ritu Sachdeva has filed a complaint with Mumbai's Versova police station alleging that he agent, Flynn remedios cheated her of Rs 4 lakhs, says a MidDay report. The starlet-model has accused her agent of molesting and deluding her with the promise that he would get her on the popular reality show Bigg Boss.

Ritu Sachdeva alleged that Remedios had been badgering her with lewd calls for the past two months.She has complained that Remedios promised her roles on television shows and a chance to star in a music album in exchange for assignment fees.

"Remedios had said that he had many contacts in the film industry and could get me to enter the reality show Bigg Boss. I was convinced and gave him the money to get me the assignments he promised. "But recently, he took Rs 50,000 from me saying that his mother was unwell. When I asked him to return the money, he refused," Sachdeva said.

"After asking repeatedly for the money, he gave me a cheque. But it bounced and I decided to lodge a complaint against him," said Sachdeva.The actress had approached the police a day after a cheque of Rs 50,000, which Remedios had made out to her, bounced.The complaint also states that Remedios had molested her and asked her to 'compromise' with him. "I was harassed financially and mentally.  

He has been messaging and calling me during nights for the past two months, asking me to have a relationship with him." Flynn, on the other hand, admitted that he liked Sachdeva, but said he had never molested or duped her. "I haven't done anything of the sort.

"I do like her. I took Rs 3 lakh from her for the release of her album. But that amount was insufficient to release the album," he said, adding, "Upset that her album hasn't released, she is accusing me of these things." On his part, Remedios has issued a long statement to the media, which reads as follows:

"Rituu Sachdev was my client and I was her manager, publicist and spokesperson till 10th November 2010. We have an official and legal contract between us. I was also the producer of her three music videos.

"I terminated the contract by official email on 11th September morning because I found out that Rituu Sachdev was doing things behind my back and without my knowledge. She was contacting and approaching my associates, employees, other clients, business contacts and staff directly without my permission or knowledge. In spite of telling her several times to deal with me only, she would continue to talk to persons she was not supposed to deal with and create confusion and mis-understanding. In any organisation or setup there has to be a one point contact. Hence I terminated the contract.

"She has filed the above complaint only in revenge and to gain publicity. All her allegations are totally false. I was spending several lakh rupees on promoting her video from my pocket. I have worked for her publicity and progress for the last three months 24×7. I never promised to get her in Bigg Boss. I only told her that I will try my level best.

"Last year one of my other clients – a well-known German model and actress –  was also in Bigg Boss and you all are aware of the same. I was trying my level best to get Rituu Sachdev work in the industry. As we all know it is not easy to get work in this industry. She was not ready to do television or south films or other reality shows.

"She didn't want to do small ad films or print shoots. I had got her two Tamil films which she initially agreed to do, but then later on refused to do. She only wanted big banner Hindi films. Everyone knows that it is not possible to get big banner films easily. At the same time, I was working and putting in effort and I have a right to get paid for all the follow up, co-ordination and support work.

"She has not paid me the money she claims. I was to release three music videos. As everybody in the industry knows it is not possible to release music videos and ads and hoardings without a huge investment.

"She wanted television ads on prime channels. For such work the minimum budget is Rs 10-15 lakh. I was trying to get her sponsors, but sponsors also have a lot of professional requirements and conditions which have to be fulfilled before they agree to sponsor a product. The product has to meet their requirements completely and their branding requirements.

"She was not ready to modify her video to the sponsors requirements and hence the sponsorships could not materialise in time. Now she is making false allegations against me. You can see the video on YOU TUBE AND DECIDE FOR YOURSELF.

"I request the Press and Media not to take cognizance of such blatantly false complaints filed as revenge and solely for publicity. I humbly request the Mumbai police to thoroughly investigate the matter. Anybody can make any allegations. At this stage Rituu Sachdev will and can make any and every WILD allegation against me. Please do not get carried away by false allegations. If there is any dispute between us, it is a civil matter and not a criminal one as there was a formal, legally binding contract between us.

" I humbly request the Press and Media to stand by me during these difficult times. I have always worked very hard for my clients. But some of them have sought the short cut route. Disputes if any are meant to be sorted out. We are professionals and don't make a living by cheating people. But there are always mis-understandings. One needs to work out a solution instead of running to the police station.

"Rituu Sachdev told me the cheque in question which she is talking about, was lost and misplaced two months ago. She lied to me, told me the cheque she had in her possession was lost long time ago. Now she is saying that the cheque had bounced. If the cheque bounced, why didn't you send me a notice under the Negotiable Instruments Act? Why didn't you demand a written refund? You are lying Rittu Sachdev after all the hard work and sleepless nights, I have put in for you.

"Thank you Rituu Sachdev for this wonderful gift after all the hours I spent editing your video, putting up hundreds of press releases and articles for you and supporting you and standing by you always. Wish you all the best in your career. May God be the judge."

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