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India TV On Big B's Blog On 26/11 Anniversary

DAY 584Posted on: November 26, 2009 - 10:17 pmPrateeksha, Mumbai                         November 26, 2009                    

PTI [ Updated: November 28, 2009 8:50 IST ]
india tv on big b s blog on 26/11 anniversary
india tv on big b s blog on 26/11 anniversary

DAY 584

Posted on: November 26, 2009 - 10:17 pm

Prateeksha, Mumbai                         November 26, 2009                            Thu  10 : 16 PM

8 Days to PAA releasing December 4th 2009

” I got goose bumps hearing the rendition. Its going on air for the first time in a few minutes. In awe … Arnab “

” Amitji .. aap ke sahyog, aapki awaaz ne 26/11 ke maayne hi badal diye hain .. itni umid, itna bharosa, itna vishwas sirf aapki awaaz hi de sakti thi .. aap yakin nahi karenge kiindiatv par kitne kitne phone aa rahen hain .. kuch gale bhare hua thet … kuvh awaaz himmat de rahi thi .. Aapkr samarthan ke saamne hum nishabd hain ..Vinod Kapri, IndiaTV  ”

” A year after 26/11, the safest person in the country is, ironically …….. …….. Kasab .. “

More than the above there is very little to convey on this day. A year ago we sat helpless and angry at what unfolded before our eyes. A year after, we show solidarity in our feelings, remember those that sacrificed their entire existence so we could be well enough to remember them, make patriotic and emotional statements and get back to doing our job, promoting our films, writing our blogs. All those vulnerable spots that had been attacked are now bastions of heightened security, amphibious armed vehicles, commando units in force one attire, march pasts, hours and hours of dedicated broadcasting, editorials and pictured quotes from celebrities, an abundance of candles and prayer, placards of denouncement and strong will, politician bashing and more ….

But …

In a darkened corner of a home that has lost the light that they looked forward to, that loved and cared for them, that gave them hope and strength, that gave them the security of life .. has been put out permanently ..

And no amount of sympathy shall be enough for them that are left behind with this unhappy and sad occurrence. Mumbai has the spirit and the will to get back under all circumstances, but do they that succumbed, that suffered, that lost, have the will to get back ? This vast and colourful metropolis brings opportunity, an opportunity, that if not taken by  'forelock' shall either never return or worse, go to someone else !

Commerce drives the city and its people. When that is compromised it reflects the poverty of feelings that surface. Are we in possession of our feelings or are we in possession of our commerce.

Tomorrow shall be another day, another issue, another front to capture or aspire for. Life's cycle shall take over and grind us into its unending circle of time -

‘main kitna hi bhuloon bhatkun ya bharmaun, hai ek kahin manzil jo mujhe bulati hai, kitne hi mere paon paden unche neechen, pratipal woh mere pass chali hi aati hai. Mujh par vidhi ka ehsaan bahut si baaton ka, par main kritagya uska ispar sab se jyada. nabh ooley barsaye dharty sholey ungaley, anwarat samay ki chakki chati jaati hai. main jahan khada tha kal us thal par aaj nahin, kal issi jagah phir paana mujhko mushkil hai. Le maap dand, jiko parivartit kar detin hain cho kar hi desh kaal ki seemayen, jag de mujh pey faisala use jaisa bhae, lekin mai to berok safar mein is ek aur pehloo se hokar nikal chala … jeevan ki aapa dhapi mein kab waqt mila kutch der kahin par baith kabhi yeh sooch saken, jo kiya kaha mana usme kya bura bhala …'


Comments on amitabh's blog  

  1. Meenu Gupta -- Be Positive (Jaadu ki Zappi) says:

November 27, 2009 at 12:59 am

Dear Sir,

Saw “Iss Baar Nahin” last night on Samay channel, it really did gave goosebumps and I do fully agree withVinod Kaprifrom India Tv that only your voice could do justice to it and it did.
All the fallen Heros and theirfamlies in our prayers today and always.
With a heavy heart but still with Best Wishes
Meenu Gupta

  1. Rajesh (Bucks, UK ) says:

November 27, 2009 at 1:40 am

Sir – how apt are the comments fromVinod Kapriof India TV. Your voice and utterances indeed unites the nation to become stronger against oppression and terrorism and further strengthens everyone's resolve to keep going on and stand against barbaric acts.
Lets not forget those who lost their loved ones, those who were the strength and support for those families. No amount of sympathy will be enough but with the love and support from the good natured citizens of Mumbai they can try and re-build their lives again.
You have ended today's post with befitting and thought provoking lines for today.
My respect and pranaams

  1. yogendra kumar purohit says:

November 27, 2009 at 10:53 am

Dear Sir…
Good morning….!
Sir..you know, not only INDIA TV i can say all INDIA is loving you and your inner sound.they all are learning every time from you.and you are not still on a one place, every moment of time you move step by step in your journey..ha
yesterday i listen only one music track

  1. Shubha says:

November 27, 2009 at 7:22 am

Respected Amitji,

It was a very depressing day yesterday….watching the various news channels and going through all the pain and trauma all over again was terrible! Missed the India TV telecast…..I am sure it will be aired again…hope to see it then.

Meanwhile the lines that you have quoted are very moving…Sach hai Jeevan kee is aapadhapi mein hum atmaavalokan karna bhool gaye hain. I pay homage to the departed soul of your great father today! Incidentally today is the death anniversary of Dr.Shivmangal singh Suman too.



  1. Aditya M says:

November 27, 2009 at 3:28 am

I missed your program on India TV :(Will try to find a link on youtube!

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