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Ghaziabad: One-year-old baby gets over 60 stitches after street dog bites her

Dog bite menace: In recent times, incidents of dog bites see a sharp rise in Delhi-NCR. However, Municipal bodies issued new norms but to no avail.

Raju Kumar Edited By: Raju Kumar @rajudelhi123 New Delhi Updated on: November 22, 2022 18:14 IST
The dog bite menace continues
Image Source : REPRESENTATIVE PIC The dog bite menace continues

Despite new guidelines and awareness campaigns, dog bite incidents continue to come in Delhi-NCR. In the latest incident, a one-year-old baby was attacked by a street dog in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh. 

The injured girl received 60 stitches as her injuries were severe. 

According to the media reports, a dog bit her when she was playing outside her residence in Behrampur in the Vijayanagar police station. The dog attacked her in the face. 

Her parents took her to District MMG Hospital in Ghaziabad but seeing her severe wounds, the hospital referred her to Noida Trauma Centre Child Hospital where she received the treatment.

Dog menace poses a serious threat despite new norms

the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) in September said it has registered about 1,100 pet dogs since April 1, an exercise that began to check rising incidents of dog bite. The latest heart-wrenching incident once again manifested the gravity of the situation. 

To prevent legal action, a dog owner must know the guidelines: 

  • It is mandatory to vaccinate your pet with the Rabies vaccine 
  • Put up a ‘beware of Dog’ sign board at your premises
  • Get your pet an anti-dog bite mask when you take it outside
  • Get registered your pet with your local Municipal Corporation and timely renew it
  • Under section 399 of Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957, it is mandatory to register all pet dogs 
  • In some case, one requires NOC from the neighbors
  • When you take the dog outside, it must be fastened by a belt and there should be a stick in your hand
  • The section also gives power to the MCD to detain a pet dog found in a public place, if it is not registered

Animal Welfare Board of India’s Guidelines:

  • No restriction on keeping pet in the housing society
  • Not only flat owner but a renter can also keep pet
  • There is no law or norms against dog barking as it is a natural phenomenal
  • There should not be any extra charge for don on the lift
  • Society can fix a time for dog to go to the part or premises  in the wake of security
  • You may fall in legal trouble if dog bites someone

If a dog bites one. The owner of the dog may face 6-month jail or minimum Rs 1,000 fine under IPC section 289. But, if the victim dies, a fine will not be considered. If a stray dog bites, the victim can file a case against the municipal corporation

What If a dog bites you
If a dog bites you. You must visit the nearby hospital and get the anti-Rabies vaccine within 72 hours. Negligence on the vaccination part may cause fatal.

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