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First solo in India for Israeli artist David Gerstein

New Delhi: After his vibrant 3-D sculptural metal installations were showcased at the India Art Fair earlier this year, Israeli artist David Gerstein has arrived in person to exhibit a body of new works for

PTI Updated on: April 29, 2014 12:24 IST
Yet, Gerstein admits he looks forward to watching the way “life is being performed on Indian streets, to smell the food and to see the wonderful craft that is being done everywhere.”

“India and Israel share the same landscape and vegetation since the weather is closed but I am more interested in urban scenes than just landscape views,” he says.  

Motti Abramovitz of Bruno Art Group says,”We are proud to presents for the first time in India a comprehensive exhibition of works by David Gerstein, the founder of the 3D Metal Art. We believe he is an artist who has brought art from the walls towards the viewers.”

Curator Pande says, “When we think of art, we think of emotion, of evoking a response and great art crosses boundaries of class, culture and geographies. Gerstein's work has a universal vibrancy and buoyancy to it. He takes painting and sculpture to a new level, in a way almost fusing the two.”

“You could call his work, a wall based installation, a three dimensional painting or kinetic sculpture. And this is what I find exciting, that you cannot box him as a single medium artist,” she says.

Gerstein's colourful, three dimensional art works would be displayed in both indoor and outdoor spaces at the India Habitat Centre centre.


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