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Fear of password theft looms! Delhi Police unveils ingenious hack to thwart system hacks

Delhi Police has recently shared a video on social media suggesting the precautions that one needs to take while creating any password.

Edited By: Shubham Bajpai New Delhi Published on: May 01, 2024 16:52 IST
Screenshot of viral video
Image Source : X/DELHI POLICE Screenshot of viral video

In this age of digitization, safety from cybercrimes has become one of the significant requirements. While the security architecture and law enforcement machinery need to be on their toes to deal with any mishappenings, vigilance among people is equally important to curb cybercrimes. And that requires spreading awareness and making people more informed about safety measures and precautions.

For this, the Delhi Police has come up with a unique method. The police team reaches out to people through relevant videos on social media platforms and educates them on how they can protect themselves from cybercrimes. Recently, the Delhi Police shared a video on the social media platform X (formerly Twitter). 

The video shows a poster-like structure on the wall with "Free Wi-Fi Network" written on it. The password for this is written on a piece of paper below it. Anyone who wants to know the Wi-Fi password must pull out that paper. The video shows a person pulling out the paper only to be surprised at the length of it. A very strong password has been created there, which after seeing, no one will use the free Wi-Fi. This video has been made humorously.

By sharing it, Delhi Police wants to alert people that they will remain safe if they also create a strong password. While sharing this video, Delhi Police wrote in the caption, "Follow all safety tips while creating passwords. If you stay alert, you will stay safe." It is also written at the end of the video that “a strong password can protect you from cybercriminals.”

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