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'Dada Khaye Pota Bhukte': BJP MP Meenakashi Lekhi flays opposition over CAA, NRC; releases 'Aarop Patra'

Ahead of Delhi Assembly elections, BJP MP Meenakashi Lekhi on Tuesday addressed a public rally supporting the amended citizenship law and NRC.

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New Delhi Updated on: January 01, 2020 23:54 IST
BJP MP Meenakashi Lekhi attacks opposition over CAA, NRC; releases 'Aarop Patra'

BJP MP Meenakashi Lekhi attacks opposition over CAA, NRC; releases 'Aarop Patra' 

Ahead of Delhi Assembly elections, BJP MP Meenakshi Lekhi on Tuesday flayed the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP government in Delhi. Addressing a public rally supporting the amended citizenship law and NRC, the BJP MP lashed out at the opposition for indulging in acts of fearmongering and false pretense. Several BJP councilors, former councilors, district divisional presidents, ex-army officers, ex-servicemen, martyrs' families and thousands of women and dignitaries from the Cantonment Assembly appeared in support of the bill. 

Speaking on the Citizenship Amendment Act, the Member of Parliament from New Delhi said, "This law is not going to harm any Indian citizen. The CAA is for the oppressed and persecuted minorities who have been facing atrocities over religious affiliation for a long time in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh." Opposition parties are misleading people. They are distorting the nature of this bill and presenting it to the public. Some anti-social elements have instigated riots and defaced public assets in the country. They plot to destroy the integrity of the country they will never succeed in their designs. "

"The government has only made two changes in the law. First, instead of 12 years people who want Indian citizenship can now apply within 5 years. Second, even though the interested people have lost their documents like visa or passport, they can still apply," she added. 

While addressing the public, she slammed the AAP government. She said: "Those are who responsible for riots are being 5 lacs and jobs. This is the face of the AAP government. Before Arvind Kejriwal, the Delhi government used to have Rs. 113 crore at the end of the financial year. Now, the government owes a sum of Rs. 5399 crore to the Central government. AAP government wastes over Rs. 304 crores on banners and advertisement," she added. 

She also said that the opposition is trying to disrupt the law and order situation in this country. She said: "BJP is not importing anybody. We are giving the citizenship rights to only persecuted minorities because they need it, they deserve it."

She thanked the visitors who came to the meeting and said, "Opposition parties are going from place to place saying that your citizenship is threatened while CAA is not going to affect any Indian citizen. Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, realizing the anguish of the relatives of the people of India, has got this bill passed by Parliament. Let some elements not create an atmosphere of confusion. Be aware."

Lekhi also urged all the people present in the meeting to go from place to place at their level to explain and educate the people about the intricacies and features of this bill of opposition so that this confusion can be cleared. 

She said, "Rumors are being spread among the people regarding National Citizenship Registration. Today, no citizen of India will have any problem with CAA. This is to prevent intruders who enter India illegally and are involved in terrorism, theft, and crime."

The Chairman of Delhi Cantonment Development Committee, Dr. TC Rao said in his address, "The Delhi government has been adopting a policy of discrimination for the last 7 years for the Delhi Cantonment Assembly."

For this, Dr. TC Rao repeatedly made pressure to get the concession in electricity, water, education, and subsidies being made in the rest of Delhi. He said that the present Kejriwal government is not allowing the public welfare central government scheme to be implemented in Delhi, especially Ayushman Health Scheme, Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, etc. 

Legislative Assembly elections will be held in Delhi in February 2020 to elect 70 members of the Delhi Legislative Assembly. The term of the current assembly elected in 2015 will expire on 22 February 2020.

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