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Love, politics, and fear: Know the complete truth behind BJP MLA's daughter Sakshi Mishra's marriage row

Sakshi Mishra married a Dalit man Ajitesh Kumar, against the consent of her father Rajesh Mishra, who is Bareilly BJP MLA. Here are a few unknown facts about Sakshi Mishra and Ajitesh Kumar's wedding row

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New Delhi Updated on: July 15, 2019 20:48 IST
Sakshi Mishra and Ajitesh: All you need to know about
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Sakshi Mishra and Ajitesh: All you need to know about Bareilly BJP MLA Daughter's intercate marraige

A viral video of a newly married couple Sakshi Mishra and Ajitesh Kumar alias Abhi created a sensation after it surfaced on the internet on July 11, which is said to be shot by them five days after tieing the knot. Sakshi in the viral video said that she took the wedding vows with a Dalit groom, against the consent of her father, Pappu Bhartaul alias Rajesh Mishra, who is a BJP MLA from Bareilly's Bithari Chainpur seat. The couple claimed that they were being chased by MLA's goons and alleged that they are feared for their lives. Sakshi and Abhi urged UP police to provide security claiming to be under threat from BJP MLA over their inter-caste marriage. The couple has been making headlines since last week.

However, a day later Pappu Bhartaul appeared in front of the media and said that his daughter's allegations on him are baseless. He also said that Sakshi is an adult and she has the whole right to choose her husband with her will. Allahabad High Court too today pronounced that Sakshi's marriage with Ajitesh Kumar is completely legal. That what makes the case more tangled than what it appears?

Here we bring you a few unknown facts about Sakshi Mishra and Ajitesh Kumar's wedding row, which will leave you in shock:

1. Father's concern over 9 years of age gap: The MLA said that he was not against his daughter's marriage to a Dalit youth, Ajitesh Kumar, but his main concern was that the boy was nine years elder to his daughter.

2. The priest denied solemnizing wedding rituals:  With the video, Sakshi and Ajitesh also posted their marriage certificate that shows their wedding was solemnized at the famous Ram Janki temple in Prayagraj on July 4. But the Hindu priest at the temple denied of solemnizing any such wedding ritual as no wedding ceremony held at the temple. However,

3. Ajitesh's connection with BJP MLA Shyam Bihari: A few days after the video went viral on the internet, a social media conversation between BJP MLA Shyam Bihari and Vikas Tiwari got public, which mentioned Shyam Bihari's involvement into this row. But later Shyam Bihari denied having any involvement in this case and he doesn't know who is Vikas Tiwari. He also confessed that Ajitesh Kumar is one of his relatives.

4. Sakshi Mishra's parents fixed an IAS officer as her match: Pappu Bhartaul alias Rajesh Mishra and his wife Sunita Mishra, wanted their daughter to marry an IAS officer. On July 2, they had left for Lucknow to discuss the marriage proposal. They had lied to her that they were leaving for the hospital. Sakshi was aware of their purpose of leaving home and in the meantime, she contacted Ajitesh and planned to elope with him. She left her home on July 3.

5. Ajitesh and Sakshi's brother Vicky Bhartaul were friends: Ajitesh and Sakshi knew each other for years before they decided to go against their families and take such a crucial step. Sakshi' brother Vicky Bhartaul and Ajitesh were friends before their love tale burst.

6. Ajitesh was engaged before: Ajitesh's marriage was fixed by his parents to a Bhopal-based girl. He was also engaged to her on July 10, 2016, but later they called off the engagement after the demise of Ajitesh's mother. The girl's father had claimed to the media that he had spent 7 lakh rupees for the engagement ceremony, which was out of his budget and he is still paying off the debt which he took for the ceremony.

7. Pappu Bhartaul's supporter helped Ajitesh to elope with Sakshi: According to various media reports, Pappu's helping hand Gaurav aka Armaan Singh was constantly in contact with Ajitesh from July 3 to July 9. Before that, they had no exchange of words for around 6 months. However, Gaurav confessed to having a list of conversations between him and Ajitesh during this time but he denied having involvement in the case. He also said that in their mobile conversation, Abhi had not revealed his location.

8. Ajitesh's neighbours had no clue about his caste: During the investigation, UP Police found that Ajitesh's neighbours thought that he belongs from Thakur community as he had always touted himself as Thakur. Even the family of Ajitesh's ex-fiance agreed to give their daughter's hand thinking him to be a Thakur.

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