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Six of the best sex card games to spice up your relationship

Sex card games can be a great way to spice up your romantic relationship, as they add a unique blend of structure and variation.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: April 08, 2023 17:00 IST
Six of the best sex card games to spice up your
Image Source : FREEPIK Six of the best sex card games to spice up your relationship

Sex card games are a great way to have fun and spend time during dates, and they can spark talks that develop into deeper emotional ties with your partner. They easily create tension in the bedroom and lead to intimate bondage. Card games can be more relaxed and can spark conversations that can develop into deeper emotional ties with partners. 

Here are six card games to spice up your relationship:

The Tracey Cox Super Sex Position Card:

New positions are a great way to experiment in the bedroom, and finding a new sex position through cards can be fun. These cards are carefully chosen and colour-coded, allowing you to select specific ones to explore particular sensual games such as G-spot positions.

Deep date:
Deep date connection is an ideal game for a date night that focuses on meaningful discussion rather than sexual desire. As you get to know each other better, you will be able to stimulate your mind, heart, and sex desire.

Love Affair Dice and Card Game:
This game is considerably more explicit than Date Deck and focuses on giving you opportunities to gorge on your lover by kissing, licking, sucking, and teasing them.

The Gottman Card Decks App
The best aphrodisiac is emotional closeness. With 14 distinct card decks, you can simultaneously connect with each other more closely and learn more about one another. There is a sex-specific deck to help you gain fresh ideas and insights for your sexual life.

Big Pussy Energy Card Deck:
Oracle cards are a great and uplifting method to discover one's own sexuality. Choose a card to serve as a reminder, quote, or suggestion, such as a challenge to flirt with a stranger or let out loud noises without feeling guilty.

We're Not Really Strangers XXX Card Game:
Bewildering disclosures are cards with unusual questions on them, such as what makes you most attractive or their presumptions about your sexual experience. They can be played with sexual partners or close friends and are not sexual in nature.

Sex card games are a wonderful way to explore one's sexual options, regardless of whether you are in a committed relationship, a situational relationship, or just dating around. 

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