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International Women's Day 2023: What's the essence of being a woman? Female entrepreneurs explain

Women entrepreneurs point out that a woman transpires between multiple roles in an almost seamless flow, from being a woman to a mother, a sister, a friend or a colleague and she manages her constant metamorphosis with grace & composure.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: March 09, 2023 16:39 IST
What's the essence of being a woman?
Image Source : FREEPIK What's the essence of being a woman?

International Women’s Day is a day to celebrate the existence of women. Though one day is not enough to appreciate the infinite achievements of women around the world, this particular day is a reminder to appreciate and celebrate every woman setting examples for many youngsters. Let’s hear it out from many inspiring women achievers on the essence of being a woman and their inspirational journey.

Anjana Pasi, Founder and Director, MiniKlub “The mere word essence is far too small to truly define a woman, to be able to capture a single character or a centre point for a woman would truly leave her entire existence unfulfilled. She transpires between multiple roles in an almost seamless flow, from being a woman to a mother, a sister,  a friend or a colleague as she manages her constant metamorphosis with grace &  composure. Adapting to her environment effortlessly & accepting her roles with dignity, are just a handful of attributes that contribute to making a woman who she is. My journey has just begun. Touching people’s lives have always been part of my personality, whether it be inspiring them to laugh , believe , think or reflect inspiration comes in many different forms. We carry inspiration for others & ourselves in everything we do. Before you can make changes in the world you must first become the best version of yourself this is true inspiration. If I can reflect on my life so far & confidentially say my one word or action has inspired someone to do something good for themselves or another human being – then I have indeed been inspired. Inspiration comes through acts of kindness, small gestures & the way we live. We all have the ability to inspire & be inspired.”

Mountaineer Kam Kaur says “The essence of being a woman is being a woman. Don't need to really say more than that, we are strong, resilient, we can hold a space for all those that need, are compassionate, and empathetic, we know how to nurture, we are capable of dealing with what life throws at us, what we have to face physiologically including hormonal changes. As a woman I am proud, I am strong and I will I'll make a change. Mother Nature as female energy is what holds this earth, the earth should be honored and respected as should we. Whiteout all my qualities of a woman I don't think I would be where I am today and would have achieved what I have. I allowed my strengths to shine, I allowed what was seen as my weaknesses to be the biggest strengths and courage.”

Author and Happiness Coach Shalini Kochhar shares “The Essence of being a Woman of today is that amazing combination and balance of that badass Confident professional at work and a nurturing, compassionate Mother /Wife /Daughter at home. To be an inspiration to others I had to constantly reinvent myself to be a better version of myself that can be a role model to others. It has been an exciting journey to create my own global brand "Women on Top" to support / guide / connect and inspire women entrepreneurs. And to be able to do that I had to be a Woman on Top of my Game!!! From a dream that I manifested in India to a reality that is globally acknowledged, I have come a long way and brought many along with me. Still miles to go before I sleep.”

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