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Are you a new dog parent? Here some must-haves for your dog

Owning a pet is one of the most fun tasks but comes with a lot of responsibility. New pet-parents majorly struggle with the variety of products for dogs available online. Here are some must-have grooming and pet care products.

Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: May 04, 2023 17:16 IST
Must-Haves for Dog-Parents
Image Source : FREEPIK Must-Haves for New Dog-Parents

It feels so wholesome to have a dog to take care of and to feed, especially when it looks at you with huge, innocent eyes. Oops! You got distracted by the good feeling and now you have most of your dog’s food on the floor rather than in its stomach. Having a dog is not easy and is a large responsibility, specifically for new dog parents. With fur all over your clothes, food always falling off from your dog’s utensil, danger from ticks, and more, it gets hectic at times too. Having the basic kit for dog-care is highly essential and strongly suggested.

Look at some of the most important must-haves for a new paw-parent

1. Slow Feeders

Dogs have a hard time containing their excitement when it comes to their meals, especially when untrained. They eat, rather, gobble up their food, which might cause their throats to choke. Slow feeders are containers with several sections and allows little amounts of food to reach up the surface. Hence, the pet eats slower and safer.

India Tv - Slow Feeders are Good for Training the Dog

Image Source : FREEPIKSlow Feeders Save the Dogs from Choking

2. Anti-Tick Powder/Spray

Ticks are blood-sucking insects, that latch themselves onto the dog’s skin. They feed on blood and multiply, which creates a wound, and slowly increases into a hole. It is extremely imperative and should be removed as soon as possible. Anti-tick powders/sprays are highly effective in acting as a tick-repellent for the dogs. 

India Tv - Anti-Tick Spray Acts as a Tick Repellent

Image Source : FREEPIKAnti-Tick Sprays are a Must-Have

3. Eye/Ear Wipes

Dog’s eyes and ears have a high tendency of dirt being accumulated and cause the affected area to itch. Dogs then scratch it which may cause a wound at that place. Eye/Ear wipes help in preventing the collection of dirt and keep those highly sensitive areas hygienic and clean. 

India Tv - Eye/Ear Wipes Help in Maintaining Hygene

Image Source : FREEPIKEye/Ear Wipes Help the Accumulation of Dirt

4. Grooming Brush

The fur of dogs constantly keeps shedding, especially in summers and winters. This is irritable for the dog as well as the owner. After all, who likes furry floors all the time. These grooming brushes are to be used daily for the best results, and to reduce the shedding.

India Tv - Grooming Brush is a Must

Image Source : FREEPIKA Grooming Brush is Highly Beneficial

5. Nail Clipper

The nail-growth rate of a dog is quite high, and it takes no time for them to grow long. It gets very difficult for some dogs to even walk or run with their long nails clapping the ground. Nail clippers are highly essential and should be used very carefully, as their nails may start bleeding if cut too much. 

India Tv - Nail Clippers are Very Essential

Image Source : FREEPIKNail-Clippers Never Fail to Disappoint

6. Liquid Tartar Remover

Tartar is a substance that forms above and below a dog’s gumline and gives bacteria places to grow. Just a single spoon of the liquid in your dog’s water bowl, and it will work wonders in removing the plaque that gets formed. It will also help with keeping their breath fresh and teeth clean.

India Tv - Tartar Remover Keeps the Dog's Breath Fresh

Image Source : FREEPIKLiquid Tartar Remover Helps with Plaque



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