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Ward off your Monday Blues by following these easy lifestyle tips

Having Monday blues? Read on to know these super effective lifestyle tips to keep these feelings at a bay. 

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: November 09, 2020 15:17 IST
Ward off your Monday Blues by following these easy lifestyle tips

Tips for Monday Blues

Do you feel lethargic, dull or gloomy after being back to work on Monday? Well, most of us do. 'Monday Blues' as it is termed as is actually for real. Yes, according to a study published in the journal Information Systems Research, returning to work after weekend has impacted employees performance and psychology. A few researches of the Lehigh University's College of Business conducted the study which stated that the Monday effect has also affected the supply chains on the first working day post weekend.

However, don't worry, here we are with a few easy and healthy tips which will help you work on Monday with full energy and enthusiasm as any other day. Take a look:

Follow the usual routine on weekends

One of the biggest reasons one feels the effect of Monday Blues is that they change their sleeping and eating pattern completely for the weekend. Doing this makes it difficult for you to bounce back to work and the normal routine. So, we know it's a bit hard to get up early in the weekends but try to follow proper eating and sleeping habits as you do during weekends. Don't over eat or drink too much, and maintain a fixed timing to go to bed.

No work on the weekend

No work means no work calls, mails or texts also. When you finish working on Friday make sure you disconnect with your worklife for two days. Avoid going through the work tensions and try to treat yourself with selfcare, meditation, family-time and more in order to recharge your mind for Monday.

Avoid appointments and big meetings on Monday

In order to treat Monday like anyother day, divide and schedule your important tasks in each day of the working weeks instead of overloading all on Mondays. People who keep their big meets or important works for Monday start feeling the tension of approaching Monday from weekends only. Neither they are able to enjoy on the weekoffs nor they are able to function efficiently on Mondays.

Give a brighter start to your week

Most of the people in the corporate world just live for weekends as they plan to have fun on those two days. On the other hand, try giving your weekday a bright start by planning something good after work for example, hanging out with friends or watching a film on a Monday evening will have something for you to look forward to.

Have a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and Monday is the most important day of the week so pay extra attention to what you eat on this day. Treat yourself with healthy and delicious foods including eggs, natural fruit juice, green vegetables etc as they will keep you going for the day and won't let you feel dull or lazy

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