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Want quick weight loss after pregnancy? Include these 5 food items in your diet

Losing weight after pregnancy is no less than a challenge. With a small child, it becomes difficult to find time for your fitness. In such a situation, you can lose weight by including these food items in your diet.

Written By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: June 14, 2024 15:30 IST
food items for quick weight loss after pregnancy
Image Source : SOCIAL 5 food items for quick weight loss after pregnancy.

Women gain a lot of weight during pregnancy. This fat does not reduce even after delivery. In such a situation, it becomes difficult for women to reduce post-pregnancy fat. Some women get very upset with their increased weight. Even after becoming a mother, many changes occur in the body, which increases weight further. Especially those who have children through operation have more problems in reducing weight. Doctors forbid doing any intense exercise for about 6 months. At the same time, fat starts increasing rapidly in the stomach after surgery. However, weight can be reduced gradually by including these food items in your diet.

How to lose weight after pregnancy

Ajwain water- After delivery, the mother is given Ajwain water to drink. Although people do not like the taste of this water, drinking Ajwain water regularly helps in reducing the fat deposited in the stomach. For this, boil the water by adding ajwain and drink this water throughout the day. After 1-2 months, start drinking 1 glass of Ajwain water in the morning. For this, soak the ajwain in 1 glass of water overnight and drink it in the morning. This will reduce stomach fat and obesity.

Green Tea- To lose weight after pregnancy, include green tea in your diet. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants which help in reducing weight. Drink 1 cup of green tea before or after eating. If you want, consume green tea instead of milk tea. This will reduce obesity and the skin will also start glowing. Keep in mind that you should not add sugar or honey to green tea.

Cinnamon and cloves- Cinnamon and cloves are effective in reducing belly fat. Consumption of cinnamon and cloves is considered beneficial for weight loss after pregnancy. It also provides many health benefits. You have to boil 2 to 3 cloves and a piece of cinnamon in 1 glass of water. Filter this water and drink it in the morning. If you want, you can drink this water lukewarm throughout the day.

Nutmeg milk- To reduce obesity, add nutmeg to milk and drink it. This can speed up the process of weight loss. Drinking nutmeg milk at night before sleeping is more beneficial. For this, mix 1/4 teaspoon of nutmeg powder in 1 cup of milk and drink the milk lukewarm. 

Almonds and Raisins- Eating almonds and raisins daily also helps in losing weight quickly. Almonds are a full fibre source and raisins keep the stomach clean. If the delivery is normal, then you can eat almonds and raisins after a few days. If the baby is born through operation, then you can eat almonds and raisins as per the doctor's advice. Eating about 10 raisins and 10 almonds a day will help in weight loss.

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