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Reasons why you should marry your BFF (see pics)

New Delhi: The concept of marriage scares many of us in India. There are hundreds of things that you go through your mind when your parents talk about your wedding. "Will your partner accept you as

India TV News Desk [ Updated: August 03, 2014 14:24 IST ]
reasons why you should marry your bff see pics
reasons why you should marry your bff see pics

New Delhi: The concept of marriage scares many of us in India.

 There are hundreds of things that you go through your mind when your parents talk about your wedding. "Will your partner accept you as you are?", "Will he/she understand your likes and dislikes?" and many more.

But what is the solution to avoid such fear or tension? Well, these concerns disappear when the person you marry is the person you've known and loved for the most part of your life, your best friend.

 It is not just a psychological believe but research has proved that the most successful marriages are those in which spouses are also best friends.

If you get goose bumps when you see Anjali and Rahul fighting with each other over small things in 'Kuch Kuch Hota Hai' and but cannot see others insulting your friend then this article is definitely going to please you. Being in love is easy. It's emotions that transcend the millennia.

It's an emotion that's central to the best marriages and relationships. But being in love is not enough. There should be understanding and support in marriage and who else other than your best friend can give you such morale support.

Here are ten reasons that why marrying your best friend can make your marriage blissful and your life entertaining without much effort.

1. There will be no shocking surprises in your marriage- Since you both will be knowing each other from years, his/her any particular habits or choices will not shock you at any moment of your life.

 You will be familiar with his/her choices and the things between both of you will be easy and smooth.

2. Growing old with your best friend is the best thing that can ever happen- Imagine how romantic it is, the person who has seen in your youth, anywhere in college or school, the same person sees you with wrinkles and grey hair. Doesn't that sounding romantic? Yes, it is.

The two people, who shared some of the most mischievous moments together, would share ageing and wrinkles together, is the best thing that can ever happen.

3. Trust- Trust is building block of any relationship and who else other than your best friend can be the one whom you can blindly trust.

From your deepest secret to your wildest fantasy, your best friend knows everything about it, so if you marry your best friend he/she will surely try to full fill your every desire.

You can share your every emotion to him/her without having a second thought.
 4. No matter how crazy and wild your dreams are, your best friend will never stop supporting you. From bungee jumping to rock climbing you can enjoy every activity with your spouse and the fun and enjoyment will be same as your college trips.

 5. You have seen each other at your absolute worst, and already know that you still love each other. Even if you shout at your best friend cum spouse, you know that he/she will understand the situation other than over-reacting it.

Your best friend can criticize you without you misunderstanding the intention behind it.

 6. He/she is the one who can make you laugh even when you are in your bad mood. The best feeling in the world is to have a person who can handle in your worst mood.

Just imagine if you are married to your best friend, he can make you laugh when you are crying by cracking a same joke which he used to tell in the college canteen.

These small efforts can make your relationship special.

 7. They already know your family and you already love theirs. Adjusting with each other's family is more important that adjusting with each other.

  Since you both will know each other from a long time, it will be easier for you to get involved with each other's family member.

8. There is no one on earth who can tickle your funny bone like your best friend. Your best friend will not leave a single opportunity to tease you on small things and these small fun moments will make your marriage blissful. Life will not be monotonous if you marry your best friend.

9. Having same bunch of friends- Yes, if you marry your best friend, you don't have to sit with bunch of unknown people, commonly known as 'partners friends'.

You will have many mutual friends who know your relationship to the core.

10. You don't have to be pretentious- Even if you're dressed up in payjama with messy hair, your best friend is going to love you forever. There will never be a moment when you feel like you're not at home.

You don't have to pretend anything to please him or her. If your best friend is your partner, he/she will never force you to do any such stuff which doesn't make you happy.

At last, you know how they say that friends are the family you choose. Maybe your best friend is the real partner in your life and the people you date just come and go.

Marriage is how we solidify partnership in our culture, so marrying your BFF is living by your own rules, and probably not as weird as it sounds.

P.S- The above mentioned things are my personal opinion. Many of you may not agree, it's a subjective issue.

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