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Shani Pradosh Vrat 2024: Date, timing, puja rituals, dos and don'ts to follow while worshipping Lord Shiva

Observed on April 6, 2024, Shani Pradosh Vrat is a sacred occasion for worshipping Lord Shiva during the twilight hours. Learn the auspicious timings, puja rituals, and essential dos and don'ts to honor Lord Shiva and seek his blessings.

Written By: Muskan Gupta @guptamuskan_ New Delhi Published on: April 06, 2024 10:45 IST
Shani Pradosh Vrat 2024
Image Source : GOOGLE Shani Pradosh Vrat 2024: Date, timing, puja rituals, significance and more

Every year, millions of devotees around the world observe various religious rituals and fasts to honour their deities. Among these sacred observances is the auspicious Shani Pradosh Vrat, a significant day for devotees of Lord Shiva. This festival offers devotees an opportunity to connect with the divine energy of Lord Shiva, seek his blessings, and progress on the path of spiritual growth. By observing the vrat with sincerity, devotion, and adherence to righteous conduct, devotees can experience inner transformation and divine grace in their lives. Here's all you need to know about the Shani Pradosh Vrat 2024.

Shani Pradosh Vrat 2024: Date and Timing

Shani Pradosh Vrat is observed on the thirteenth day of the lunar fortnight (Paksha), specifically during the waning phase (Krishna Paksha). This year, the trayodashi tithi of Krishna Paksha of Chaitra month will start on April 6. The time window for observing this vrat usually begins during the evening hours, around sunset, and continues until the dusk of that day. The tithi will be observed from 10.19 am and will end on April 7 at 6.53 am. The shubh muhurat to worship Shani Pradosh will take place between 6:42 pm and 8:58 pm.

Shani Pradosh Vrat 2024: Puja Rituals

Devotees follow a series of rituals to worship Lord Shiva during Shani Pradosh Vrat. Here's a simple guide to the puja rituals:

Preparation: Cleanse the home and the puja area. Gather necessary items such as a Shivlinga (an abstract representation of Lord Shiva), flowers, incense, fruits, milk, water, honey, and Bilva leaves.

Observing the Fast: Devotees often observe a fast from sunrise to sunset. Some may choose to have a single meal of fruits or light food during the day.

Puja Vidhi: In the evening, perform Abhishekam (ritual bathing) of the Shivlinga with water, milk, honey, and other sacred substances. Offer Bilva leaves, flowers, and vermilion to Lord Shiva while chanting mantras and prayers dedicated to him.

Lighting the Diya: Light a ghee lamp or Diya in front of the Shivlinga to symbolise the dispelling of darkness and ignorance.

Reciting Mantras: Chanting Shiva Mantras such as the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra or the Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali (108 names of Lord Shiva) is considered highly auspicious.

Prayer and Meditation: Offer heartfelt prayers to Lord Shiva, seeking his blessings for spiritual growth, peace, and prosperity. Meditate upon the divine qualities of Shiva.

Distribution of Prasad: After the puja, distribute Prasad (offerings) among family members and guests as a symbol of divine blessings.

Shani Pradosh Vrat 2024: Significance

Shani Pradosh Vrat holds immense significance in Hindu mythology and astrology. It is believed that observing this vrat with sincerity and devotion can mitigate the malefic effects of Shani (Saturn) and bring harmony and prosperity into one's life. Devotees also seek Lord Shiva's blessings for the fulfilment of their wishes and the removal of obstacles.

Shani Pradosh Vrat 2024: Dos and Don'ts

While observing Shani Pradosh Vrat and worshipping Lord Shiva, it's essential to adhere to certain guidelines:


  • Observe the fast sincerely, with faith and devotion.
  • Perform the puja rituals with purity of heart and mind.
  • Chant mantras and prayers dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  • Offer prayers for the well-being of oneself and loved ones.
  • Donate to the needy and perform acts of charity.


  • Avoid consuming non-vegetarian food, alcohol, and tobacco.
  • Refrain from indulging in negative thoughts or actions.
  • Do not disrespect the puja items or the sanctity of the ritual.
  • Avoid speaking lies or engaging in harmful gossip.
  • Refrain from causing harm to any living being.

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