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International Yoga Day 2024: Here's how you can start your Yoga journey in 40s

Any age or degree of fitness can benefit from yoga. Yoga comes in a variety of forms and levels of difficulty, from calming and soothing to more strenuous exercises. It can be quite helpful to ease into the practice by beginning with mild styles like Yin or Hatha yoga.

Written By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Published on: June 21, 2024 7:18 IST
International Yoga Day 2024
Image Source : FREEPIK Here's how you can start your Yoga journey in your 40s.

The need for fitness, health, wellness, and well-being would be different for different age groups of individuals, beginning from teenagers to coming into their 20s and moving into 30s and 35 and going beyond 40 and more. According to the responsibilities one goes through the spectrum of a being, the level and burden of work, and exercise routines will change. Thus, on International Yoga Day 2024, let us know how and why one must start their yoga journey even in their 40s.

At 40s Weight gain and a higher chance of developing chronic diseases are both caused by hormonal changes that occur during this age. It is important to stay flexible and stress-free. So starting at 40 is extremely good for your energy levels, muscular-skeletal system energy built up, for your strength, stamina, tenacity, endurance, resilience and even to push your hormones for regulation. And your entire cellular regeneration. So, staying active in your 40s can significantly help in your later years improving your health and quality of life.

Health Benefits

Pose, flexibility, strength, balance, and posture are just a few of the many health advantages of yoga. Additionally, as people age, stress, anxiety, and chronic pain become more common. It can help lessen these symptoms.

Personal Development

Yoga promotes self-awareness, self-acceptance, and personal growth in addition to physical fitness. It can facilitate a greater level of connection between your mind and body.

How to start your yoga journey in your 40s

To start with, do low-exertion exercises like Sukshma Vyayama that warm-up for each joint, which helps activate the body to do other exercises, according to Dr Mickey Mehta, Global Holistic Health Expert. I would recommend simple movements like side bending, twisting, and forward-backwards bending. Windmill is a gentle exercise as you grow 40. Windmill exercise ensures that movement is there and exertion is the least. The lesser compound movements of the leg and hip joints especially to save your knees, ankles and hips. Yet there is a movement with the upper body and in coordination with breath.

Also, Surya Namaskar is a great exercise which works the entire body gently to be done 15, 20, and 30 times at a go and in between every 8 to10 Surya Namaskar one can do forward, backwards bending, side bending, twisting gently to recover. Surya Namaskar is also a vertical exercise that goes on the floor and is completely floored midway. It works on dimensions, works on gravity with gentle movements, and creates a kind of calibrated exertion which is a great workout with a challenge. It's a great workout to energise oneself, bring in vitality for great output of one’s calories and for a great metabolic enhancement.

Breath is vital. Stretching with slow breathing and focusing on breathing out as you stretch certainly eases out knots of the body, and mind and thus eases the pressure on the body and vital organs. When the blocks of the Body are eased, when the blocks in the mind are alleviated. The circulation becomes slow and easy and your heart and mind get relaxed. Yoga Asanas followed by Savasana, which is relaxation, is extremely good for this. Rest rejuvenates you. Meditation calms you.

So Yoga, after 40 can get you longevity, immunity, and vitality.

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