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Copper utensils turning black? Easy cleaning tips to make them shine like new

Copper utensils are used for worship and prayers and there are many health benefits to drinking and storing water in them. Here are some tips to clean such utensils. 

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: April 20, 2022 23:16 IST
copper jug
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  • Copper utensils are good for storing and drinking water from
  • If not taken good care of, copper utensils turn black
  • Copper is best cleaned with vinegar, salt and lime juice

Ceramic and glass utensils are commonly used in everyone's homes. But in many places, utensils made of copper are still used. At the same time, some people use copper utensils for worship. It is considered very auspicious. Apart from this, there are many health benefits of using this metal. But like other utensils, copper utensils are not completely cleaned by just washing them. It is very difficult to clean them. If it is not cleaned properly, then it starts turning black within a few days.

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In such a situation, if you are also looking for ways to clean these utensils, then this news is for you. Here are some tips to clean copper utensils, by adopting which you can easily shine these utensils. 

White vinegar

White vinegar is used for many things. You can also use it to clean blackened copper utensils. For this, first put white vinegar in dirty copper utensils and leave it like this for a few hours. After that wash with the help of soap and water. This will make the pot clean and shine.

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Tamarind can also be used to clean copper utensils. For this, first soak tamarind in a cup of water for half an hour. After that, mash it with hands and take out all the water from it. Then apply this water to the utensils and leave it for a few minutes. Now scrub the pot thoroughly with a scrubber. By doing this the copper utensils will shine.

Vinegar and salt

Salt and vinegar solution is considered effective for cleaning copper utensils. For this, just make a solution by taking an equal quantity of vinegar and salt. After that apply this solution to the utensils and leave it for some time. Then clean it with the help of scrub.

Salt and lemon

You can also clean copper utensils with salt and lemon. For this, cut a lemon in water and add salt. Then leave it for 10 minutes. After that clean the copper vessel with it.

Salt and baking soda

For this, first you mix salt and baking soda. After that clean it on the copper vessel. This will clean the dishes.