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World Smile Day: Benefits of the most powerful gesture

When we smile our body releases endorphins which is a natural pain killer.

Written by: Shalu Singh , New Delhi [ Published on: October 06, 2017 16:01 IST ]
Smile helps in regulating blood pressure.

In simple words, smile is a facial expression to express happiness. But do you realise that it is the most powerful and contagious gesture of the world? For example- You are annoyed with something and suddenly a stranger passes by giving you a smile. You couldn't help reciprocating irrespective of your problem, right? Smile not only brightens up your mood but is a stress-buster. It can act as an effective tool when things around you has gone haywire. It calms down and relaxes your mind and helps in mending ties. Remember your mother or grandmother asking you to smile more often even in adverse situations? Because it is the only gesture in the entire world that not only makes the person happier but also everyone around is left smiling. 

Scientifically, two muscles are involved when a person is smiling- zygomaticus major and obicularis occuli. While the first one controls the corner of our mouths, second one which encircles our eye socket is believed to show sincerity. Smile generates positive emotions and that's the reason we feel happier when surrounded with kids. On an average, children smile around 400 times a day while happy persons do so 40-50 times. Majority of us smile only 20 times a day which is far too less. Today we will tell you some unknown benefits of smiling:

Good For Mind: Whenever things don't go according to our wishes, we stress about it. This can really reflect on our faces giving us a tiring look. In that case, just a smile can make you feel better and bring you back into action.

Boosts Immune System: Whenever you smile, your body tends to relax more. This relaxation helps our immue system to work in a better way. So, by smiling you can probably keep common cold and flu at bay 

Releases Natural Pain-Killer: Smile is a natural pain reliever. When we smile our body releases endorphins and serotonin. Endorphins which is natural pain killer helps body to fight with symptoms of illness and serotonin is a natural anti-depressant.

Good For Heart: Smile helps in regulating blood pressure. Whatever may be the situation, 'grin and bear it''. The less you put pressure on your mind, the healthier is your heart. Smile signifies that you are cheerful and optimistic and this is the key to live longer.  

Can Make More Friends: Everyone is attracted to a happy person. Dull and neutral expressions keep people away. Wearing a smile on your face will make you look approachable.

So don't just smile only before a camera, grin like a Cheshire cat. It will make you look more attractive and charming than make up and accessories. Start from now.

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