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Why mosquitoes bite you more than they bite your friends. Scientifically

Some mosquitoes become immune to repellants over time.

India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: May 30, 2017 0:09 IST ]
Image Source : TWITTER mosquito

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes bite you more than they bite your friends? Here’s why, scientifically.  There are several factors why mosquitoes feast on some while ignoring others altogether.

A report says an estimated 20 per cent of people are especially tasty for mosquitoes, and get bit more often.  And if you feel you can hide behind a cloud of insect repellants, be warned, some mosquitoes can become immune.

However, coming back to the original point, here are some of the factors that determine why a few get bitten more than everyone else.

Blood type

Bacteria on the skin of certain people emit smell that attracts mosquitoes. Not only this, a study found that mosquitoes landed on people having blood type O and type A, type B is moderately appealing to the mosquitoes as compared to the other two types.


Notice how children are less affected compared to adults. This is because mosquitoes detect carbon dioxide released by a person while breathing. More the amount of gas, more attracted they are to the person. This is the reason large people are bitten more than small ones and kids. Mosquitoes use their organ Maxillary palp to locate.

Skin type

Skin harbours bacteria of many kinds. These bacteria attract mosquitoes. Have you ever observed how mosquitoes always land on your ankle and feet, difficult areas to itch? This is because our feet and ankle are good place for bacteria to stay.


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