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This Navratri, glam up with different sari drapes like bengali, dhoti or rajrani

Coorgy style is perfect for family traditional functions or festival related occasions.

Edited by: India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: September 24, 2017 12:48 IST ]
Different sari drapes to try out this festive season

Navratri season is a shopping fest. Girls go on a shopping spree buying the best of ethnic outfits. Salwar kameez, anarkali, indo western dresses are among the most purchased ones. However, there is something that is and will remain evergreen - a sari. If you want to try something different this Navratri, be it for garba, dandiya night or pandal visit, break the monotony and go for stylish sari drapes. Experts suggest to try out new styles like the nivi style, dhoti style, rajrani style and Coorgy style

* Nivi style: This one is the most commonly used style of sari, especially in the northern region of India. It has been practiced for years, and it found its origination in Andhra Pradesh. Commonly known as ‘ulta pallu', nivi style saris have been the easiest and admired draping. 

Tuck in your sari from the other end and drape it around to the front and then cover it from the left shoulder. Make 6-7 pleats and then tuck them in as well. Now focus on the untied portion and tuck it rightly into the petticoat.

* Bengali style: Rich border, sensuous red colour and mysterious draping are all one can sum up to define Bengali style saris. Predominantly a fashion spree of West Bengal, this style of sari is slightly different from any other style.

Tuck in your sari at the right side of your waist and take a complete round of the sari around your body. From there, make boxy pleats which are a little broader than the regular ones. Hold the pallu left from the pleats, make same pleats as well and clip it on to hold aptly and cross it over your left shoulder. Pull the right border and tuck it in. 

The pallu which is falling backward, take around back from the right shoulder to the front. And you're done.

* Coorgy style: This style is perfect for family traditional functions or festival related occasions. Do the bottom portion the same like a basic sari style. 

Take the pallu, wrap it around the body and fix it with a pin on the blouse. Bring one edge of the pallu over the left shoulder and fix it there. Keep the wrap loose and make neat pleats for a clean look. 

* Rajrani style: Stealing the manner and looks of a Gujarati style sari, rajrani sari has a simple difference otherwise they both are the same. Just take the pallu which you have left on the front side and pin it up on the front left side. Add a studded brooch to make it simply ravishing in a single glance.

* Dhoti style: It is very easy and quick to adorn. Just drape the sari around the lower waist leaving around 1-2 m to the non-pallu end. Now overlap both ends keeping the right section over the left, fix it with a pin. Drape the pallu with pleats of around 2-3 inches and pin it to the blouse. 

Take the lower part from the pallu around the hips and secure this in front with a pin. Now take the leftover part from the left and drape the pleats from the end to form an exquisite dhoti-like drape. Bring these pleats to the back and tuck them there. Now pleat the front part and tuck it in. Make sure that the border is clearly visible.

Try these ethnic yet stylish sari drapes and mesmerize onlookers with the desi charm. You can also go for stylish blouses and slay in Indian way.

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