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Medical professionals in India: If not a doctor then what?

Every year, millions of students become age-eligible to join the workforce, but most are only qualification-ready and lack the necessary skill sets.

India TV Lifestyle Desk India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: June 13, 2017 16:36 IST
alternative career options for medical students
Medical professionals in India: If not a doctor then what?
Every year, millions of students become age-eligible to join the workforce, but most are only qualification-ready and lack the necessary skill sets. As a result, unemployment increases.In most cases, the unemploymentis a result of the prospective candidates not being job ready. According to various industry reports, the predicted size of the Indian healthcare industry is set to be about US$ 280 billion by 2020. This is indicative of a rise in the number of hospitals and healthcare systems, thereby leading to a rise in the number job opportunities in various fields of healthcare industry, other than core medical professions like medicine and pharmacy.This also re-affirms the fact that the industry has enormous growth opportunities for the medical BPOs/KPOs especially in the field of medical billing and coding, patient collection services, HME (Home Medical Equipment) billing and other medical data management related services.


Benefits for Hospitals: 

Medical data management and coding are very useful to healthcare providers such as hospitals and clinical physicians. They help in tracking the records of patients, coding combinations for various treatments and health conditions, error-free entryof patient data, quicker claim submissions and real-time transaction for patients. 

Advantages of medical data digitization: 

• Uniformity of documentation across various healthcare agencies and hospitals
• Security of the records since the documents are stored in digital encrypted format
• Better accessibility to records irrespective of current locations
• Helps in tracking the patient's past records so as to keep a check on various developments in the treatment of the patient

Courses and skills required:

Many US-based healthcare companies are looking to serve in these fields for which they are strengthening their resources.
Communication skills: Communication forms an important part of building relationship with clients and customers. The healthcare industry requires professionals who have excellent communication skills. They are often trained where they are informed about ways to deal with difficult patients, reducing their stress levels during the time of illness, check their medical history thoroughly, etc., so that they gain the necessary expertise to communicateeffectively.
• Analytical skills: Various healthcare organisations need people who are trained in structured query language, can transfer data to systems without losing any information, can handle data modeling, data analysis, etc. These skills are important to analyse the documents, understand the problems and come up with solutions.
• IT skills: The IT industry is going through a constant  transition resulting in requirement of new skillsets, similarly the healthcare companies who are into BPO/KPO require experts who are proficient in handling industry standard practice of management and billing systems which would help in providing customized solutions.
• Medical coding: Medical coders are instrumental in converting healthcare diagnosis, procedures and other medical services rendered to a patient, into universal medical alphanumeric codes. This niche role requires candidates with life science backgrounds –typically with either a master’s or bachelor’s degree in specializations like biochemistry, zoology, angiotherapy, microbiology, etc. There are various courses that have come up in India and abroad that train people on medical coding. One of these is Omega Medical Coding Academy.
• DME Billing: Durable or Home Medical Equipment (DME) billing requires professionals with good knowledge of reimbursement and related guidelines of Medicaid, Medicare, and commercial plans. Apart from the process know-how, the individualsare required to be up to date with the reimbursement regulations, documentation and coding requirements etc.
There is never a lack of demand for well-educated and well trained medical professionals. With a rising population the demand and need for healthcare services is only set to increase. Coupled with the advancement in the IT/ITeS industry, this will in turn lead to a higher need for services such as medical coding and billing,medical data management and the like.  With the right education and skillsets healthcare professionals have a variety of career options that are in high demand

About Guruvayurappan PV

Vice President & Head - Human Resources,
Omega Healthcare Management Services Pvt. Ltd. 
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Guruvayurappan PV
Guruvayurappan has spent more than 25 years in the fieldand specializes in organizational development and organizational behaviour.He brings with him knowledge from leading organisations and has been one of thedriving forces in building a highly talented employee strength at Omega Healthcare.
Guru holds a post graduate degree in Industrial Relations & Personnel Management and a diploma in Training & Development from ISTD. He started his career with the BPL Group where he directed people strategies across their various manufacturing plants and also BPL’s corporate office at Bangalore. In his decade-long stint in the BPM/KPO industry, Guru was instrumental in winning prestigious awards for Allsec Technologies Ltd, and for setting up benchmark HR processes for Paramount Airways. He was recently honoured as the CHRO  of the Year at the World HRD Congress 2017.
Guru is also a life member of Bangalore Management Association (BMA), National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM), Indian Society for Training & Development (ISTD), and the National HRD Network (NHRD).

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