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Hairstylist Jawed Habib trolled for an ad showing ‘Hindu Gods’ ahead of Durga Puja, apologizes on Twitter

This week, Jawed Habib Salons posted an ad showing Hindu Gods and Goddesses enjoying services at their salon.

Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi [ Updated: September 07, 2017 15:52 IST ]
Image Source : TWITTER Jawed Habib apologised for hurting religious sentiments through his new ad

Famous hair stylist Jawed Habib, who runs a chain of hair salons across the country, found himself surrounded by internet trolls and backlash this week. What happened was, his brand Jawed Habib posted a pre-Durga Puja ad featuring Hindu Gods and Goddesses getting themselves pampered in the salon. It was printed with a tag line ‘Gods too visit JH salon’. Only meant for promotion, the ad triggered a heated chain of Twitter reactions, where many Indians were offended by his religious remarks. 

People, in the count of hundreds, took to Twitter and other social media to express their disappointment with the celebrity hair stylist. Some said that Habib has brought bad name to his brand by playing with religious sentiments of the people, while other bashed him for outrageously mocking Hindu religion. Some even asked people to embargo Habib’s salon for this insensitive ad. 

Amid massive backlash, there were few who backed the hair stylist citing that they found nothing insensitive about the ad. They backed him saying that the ad only represented Hindu deities in a modern setting, which has been done before as well. 

Some even backed his ad finding nothing wrong with it. 

After the hullabaloo on social media, Jawed Habib himself took to Twitter to explain the situation and even posted a video to apologise for the ad. He also added that he has only one religion, which is that of the scissors. He also elaborated that the advert was posted by a Kolkata franchise without his permission. He apologised for the ad in the video, and clarified that he had no intentions of hurting any religious community. 

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