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World Heart Day 2017: 5 simple ways to keep your heart healthy

World Heart Day 2017: Today, we’re going to discuss 5 ways in which you can keep your heart healthy.

Written by: Reshu Manglik, New Delhi [ Updated: October 04, 2017 20:30 IST ]
World Heart Day 2017- How to keep your heart healthy

Today, that is 29th September, is being observed as World Heart Day 2017. The day was founded in 2000 to spread awareness about the increasing heart disease cases in the world. Heart disease and stroke are the world’s leading causes of death. It consumes 17.5 million lives every year. This day has been designated to make people understand how they can make small changes in lifestyle to keep their heart healthy and avert the trips to the hospital for heart ailments. A good diet and ample exercise can keep your heart in a good shape. But apart from this, what can you do to keep your heart healthy?

Today, we’re going to discuss 5 ways in which you can keep your heart healthy. 

Say no to trans fats 

Fats are essential in our diet. But trans fats are something we don’t need in our body. They increase the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Trans fats clog your arteries by raising the levels of bad cholesterol. Steer clear from packaged foods, baked goods and snacks, margarines and fried fast foods to keep your heart healthy. 


Practice good oral hygiene 

Good health begins with the mouth. Keep your gums and teeth clean and healthy. It is said that the bacteria responsible for gum problems, also raise the levels of C-reactive protein. They cause inflammation in blood vessels. 

India Tv - maintain oral hygiene

maintain oral hygiene

Get enough of zzz’s 

Sleep is very important. Get 7-8 hours of sleep everyday. A study says that people who sleep fewer than 6 hours at night were twice likely to develop stroke or heart attack. Thus, make sleep your priority. 

India Tv - take enough sleep

take enough sleep

Quit your sedentary lifestyle 

We know that your 9-5 job requires you to sit at one place for long hours. But you can take short breaks to bring movement in your body. Take 10 minutes break and climb up and down the stairs to improve blood circulation in your body. Walk to your work, if your office is situated nearby. Use public transport, as catching a bus or a metro requires more labour than driving a car. 

India Tv - stay active

stay active

Avoid passive smoking 

Even though you’re not a smoker, still you’re exposed to the harmful smoke of a cigarette. Be firm with the smokers that you do not wish to be exposed to cigarette smoke at any cost. Keep children away from cigarette smoke. They are even more fragile towards passive smoking. 

India Tv - say no to passive smoking

say no to passive smoking

By following these 5 simple tips, you’re doing your heart a favour and saving the trips to the hospital. Stay active and say hello to a healthy lifestyle. Your life is precious! 


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