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World Diabetes Day: Five celebrities who fought against Diabetes like a Boss

Diabetes can be controlled by changing your lifestyle and adopting healthy eating patterns.

Written by: Shalu Singh , New Delhi [ Published on: November 14, 2017 18:19 IST ]
Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan
Sonam Kapoor and Fawad Khan

Diabetes is a disorder of high blood sugar levels which is caused when pancreas is unable to make sufficient insulin or insulin produced is not effective. India is a home to 70 million diabetic patients both in urban and rural areas. The most dangerous thing about this fatal disease is that it often goes undiagnosed. Some are even unaware of its long-term effects. From affecting eyes and kidneys to causing cardio-vascular problems, there are many severe implications of high level glucose in the body.

November 14 is celebrated as World Diabetes Day across the globe. The purpose of the day is to create awareness and make affordable care  available to all. The disease can be controlled with adequate diet and change in lifestyle.Our celebrities have hectic schedule have managed it like a boss, so why can't you. Here are some celebs who fought with diabetes


India Tv - Sonam KapoorSonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor

Sonam Kapoor suffers from insulin resistance because she is having PCOD. Hence, she is prone to develop diabetes by commiting even a minute mistake in her lifestyle and diet. She is on medication since last six years to avert such a condition. The actress doesn't consume excessive sugar and is a vegan. Even putting on weight can be harmful for her.


India Tv - Fawad KhanFawad Khan

Fawad Khan

The Greek God who is quite popular in Bollywood has been suffering from diabetes since the age of 17. He was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus Type 1 which occurs due to auto-immune disorder. He is very strict about his diet and fitness regimen. He  prefers consulting nutritionist for the best results.


India Tv - Gaurav KapurGaurav Kapur

Gaurav Kapur

Gaurav Kapur who is a popular VJ and an actor says that he has been diabetic for 12 years. Earlier, he had Type 1 but after an accident it turned into Type 2. Gaurav makes sure that he gets seven hours of sleep, eats on time and takes small meals at regular intervals. He feels that stress can worsen diabetes so he keeps himself mentally as well as physically healthy.


India Tv - Kamal HaasanKamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan

The superstar of south suffers from Type-1 diabetes. The versatile actor avoid dairy products and alcohol. He is very conscious about his diet and practice yoga to keep himself fit.


India Tv - Devendra FadnavisDevendra Fadnavis

Devendra Fadnavis

The Maharashtra Chief Minister was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes in 2015. At that time he was an obese. The Maharashtra CM lost 18 kgs in three months and started having food at regular intervals. He is also very conscious about physical fitness and practices many breathing exercises.

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