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Neck skin turning dark, weight-loss and other signs of diabetes: Note down, ladies

Read on to find out eight signs and symptoms that can increase the risk of diabetes.

Written by: Pavni Jain, New Delhi [ Published on: July 03, 2018 17:09 IST ]
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In our busy lives, all our superwomen playing their jobs at best be it in office or at homes. But these women often tend to forget about themselves. Most of the time, these women prefer to not pay attention to little changes that their body shows. Whereas, taking notes of these changes is important to stay healthy in long-run. Because these changes can be the signs and symptoms of a serious disease and can get you into health complications.

That is why, it is important to be aware of the symptoms of few common diseases including diabetes, stress or thyroid to detect it at the right time. For the same reason, today, we bring you the most common signs and symptoms of diabetes especially in women.

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Read on to find out eight such symptoms that can increase the risk of diabetes.

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1. Skin tone turning darker - It's very common in summers when your skin tone turns one shade darker than the natural complexion. We suggest you to take the note of this change quite seriously because it might not be just sun tanning but could be a symptom of a disease like diabetes. The common areas that becomes darker are underarms and neck.

2. Frequent urination - The need of rushing to the washroom every now and then could be another sign and symptom of being diabetic. When your body has excess of sugar than normal, it takes it out through urination.

3. Urinary Tract Infection - Urinary Tract Infection or UTI is an infection in the urinary system; kidneys, bladder or urethra. UTI can lead to developing diabetes so women should take extra care as they are more prone to such infections.

Tip: Always use a toilet seat sanitizer spray in public toilets.

4. Increased thirst/hunger - Increased thirst and hunger even after having plenty of water and a good meal can be a symptom of diabetes. And this sign leads us to the next one!

5. Sudden weight-loss - A sudden weight-loss even when you are eating properly is an alarming symptom of diabetes. In such case, we suggest you to seek professional help and get your blood sugar level tested.

6. Blurred vision - Presence of excessive amount of sugar in your blood can cause vision problems like blurred eyesight. So if you are facing blurred vision with other few symptoms, it’s time for a check-up.

7. Excessive fatigue - Lethargic body can be normal for any person but feeling weak all the time is not natural. That is why, give you body the amount of rest it requires and if you still feel the same, kindly look for some advice for yourself.

8. Loss of consciousness - This symptom is seen rarely in diabetic patients but should be considered if occurs repeatedly.

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It is of utmost importance to know these signs and symptoms to spot a disease like diabetes. Because diabetes can also increase the chance of heart diseases.

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