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5 easy ways to de-stress yourself and live a healthy lifestyle

Latest Lifestyle Updates: How often do you think of releasing negative thoughts and welcome the optimistic vibes to surround you? Read on!

Pavni Jain Written by: Pavni Jain New Delhi Updated on: January 09, 2019 18:33 IST
5 easy ways to de-stress yourself and live a healthy lifestyle

5 easy ways to de-stress yourself and live a healthy lifestyle

While reasons of stress could be different, one thing is for sure that each of us is stressed being in our current state of mind. From an adolescent to an elderly, stress has sunk its teeth in our minds. Whether necessary or not, we are all giant victims of stress in this era.

With digital maelstrom comes new-age stress like FOMO (do we really need to mention what does it stand for?) for teenagers; young singles are tensed for achieving their goals successfully; parents might be stressed because of the environment at their workplace; senior citizens struggle for being an important member of the family; basically, every person has a justification for his/her worries.

But the question here is, how often do you think of releasing these negative thoughts and welcome the optimistic vibes to surround us? Well, the answer is simple -no one! We are too busy thinking about our problems that we all neglect to comprehend the situation and look out for its solution!

Food For Thought: One, understand what is bothering you and two, look out for its solution rather than slouching on your couch and cribbing.

Wait! Why are we here for? In case, 'Food For Thought' doesn't work for you, let us tell you that we are here to suggest a few methods on how to tackle your routinely stressed life and feel all happy again.

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The following five methods will help you to de-stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Be an optimist or act one

Let's start with something simple. Look for the positive elements in a stressful situation. Focus on what you can control. This will motivate you to make the situation better. Similarly, while focusing on the positive elements, accept the things that you can't change. Because acceptance never leads to disappointment.

Self-love won't hurt you

Show some love and care for your own self and take out “Me Time” once in a while. Treat yourself special, book a table in a fine dining restaurant, gift yourself chocolates or maybe go out on shopping.

Peppy playlist is effective

Music helps you to relieve stress fast. So here we suggest you to listen to the kind of music you enjoy the most or create a new playlist to entertain yourself.

Tip: In case you are not into music at all but want to try this method, we suggest to begin with calm and instrumental music.

Write it out! Now!

Maintain a journal and write it out. It can be your feelings, your favourite quotes/dialogues, poetry and whatnot. Also, while doing so, dream big because it might get publish in future!

Practice meditation

Practicing meditation reduces stress and cleanse your mind. 20-25 minutes of meditation per day should be a part of your routine for healthy state of mind and body.

Tip: Deep breathing is equally effective like practicing meditation and can reduce stress at work instantly.

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