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What is Tempeh? Know all about this protein-rich food

Many vegetarians struggle to find protein-rich foods, leading to its deficiency. Tempeh is a lesser known protein rich food item that vegetarians must try.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: March 17, 2023 16:39 IST
What is Tempeh? All about this protein-rich food
Image Source : FREEPIK What is Tempeh? All about this protein-rich food

For vegetarians, meeting their daily protein requirement can be difficult, while non-vegetarians can get enough protein easily. Although people know about foods like paneer, tofu, lentils, and beans that are high in protein, they may not know about Tempeh. Tempeh is a food made from fermented soybeans, which is rich in protein. It can provide many health benefits and can be used in various recipes.

Tempeh comes from Indonesia and is made by fermenting soybeans with a special mold called Rhizopus Oligosporus. This process turns the soybeans into a cake-like block that can be cut into pieces. First, the soybeans are cooked, then they are fermented with the mold, which helps them stick together. Finally, the block can be sliced, diced, or crumbled to use in different recipes.

Tempeh is a great source of protein for vegetarians as it contains 19 grams of protein per 100 grams. It's also high in dietary fiber, which helps with digestion. Additionally, it contains important minerals like iron, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium that our body needs. Tempeh is also low in carbs and calories, making it a healthy option. With only 193 calories per 100 grams, it's an excellent choice for those watching their calorie intake. Tempeh has a nutty and earthy flavor, and a chewy texture similar to tofu. It can easily be included in a vegetarian diet.

Its flavor is neutral and can complement almost any dish, taking on the flavor of sauces or condiments easily. With tempeh, you can even create dishes that taste like bacon or sausage by adding the right spices and flavors.

Tempeh can be used in a variety of dishes such as salads, stir-fries, soups, sandwiches, stews, pasta and curries. People can also use tempeh as a replacement for meat in tacos and spaghetti.  


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