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Google's Top Recipes of 2022: Paneer Pasanda to Baba Ganoush, know what tempted people's taste buds

Google has declared the list of the top recipes of 2022 and the Indian dish Paneer Pasanda has grabbed the number one spot. Know the complete list here.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: December 16, 2022 15:38 IST
Paneer Pasanda
Image Source : COOKIEANDKATE Paneer Pasanda (R) is the most searched recipe of 2022

Google has acknowledged the appetite of the netizens and in its 'What was trending in 2022' has revealed the top recipes of the year. Indian food lovers would be excited to know that 'Paneer Pasanda', a dish made of cottage cheese or paneer and with the base of a fine tomato-onion gravy, has topped the list of Google's Top Recipes of 2022, defeating other delectable recipes from around the world. In the top 10, three recipes are native to Turkey. It proves the culinary supremacy of the country. Meanwhile, India's paneer pasanda has taken the top spot. Let's check out the top 10 recipes of 2022 as per Google. 

Paneer Pasanda is top recipe of 2022 

Paneer Pasanda was the most trending recipe of 2022. It was followed by Bolo Caseiro, a special homemade cake native to Brazil and Turkey's savoury cookie Tuzlu Kurabiye, which came in at the second and third spots. Surely, one would like to try these recipes from around the world at the home. If one is willing, one can be easily prepared at home by following the step-by-step recipes that are available online. 

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Other global trending recipes of 2022, as per Google  

The 4th to 10th spots in Google's list of Top Recipes of 2022 were occupied by the following dishes. 

4th- Overnight Oats 

5th- Zimtschnecken, which is popular in Germany and Northern Europe.
6th- Irmik Helvasi - Native to Turkey
7th- Pankeyki - Native to Russia 
8th- Baba Ganoush - Popular in Mediterranean cuisine 
9th- Bulgur Pilav - FromTurkey 
10th- Pasta Salad - Italian 

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