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Eid 2022: Sheer Khurma recipe and step-by-step guide to making this mouth watering dessert

On Eid, it is a tradition to make and serve Sheer Khurma. It is a sweet dish made using milk and vermicelli with nuts and dates. Well-made sheer is sure to impress your loved ones.

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: April 30, 2022 18:01 IST

Eid 2022: Sheer Khurma is served on the festival


  • Sheer Khurma is easy to make and turns out to be delicious
  • Sheer is traditionally served on Eid in every Muslim household
  • For making sheer, use milk, vermicelli, nuts, dates and saffron

The festival of Eid is synonymous with mouthwatering Sheer Khurma. This sweet dish is prepared in every household on the occasion of Eid and this year will be no different. The delicious dessert manages to please the tastebuds like nothing else and is a traditional and must-make and serve food on Eid. 

Here's how you can make Sheer on Eid and enjoy it with your friends and family. 

Ingredients for Sheer Khurma 

Main ingredients: Vermicelli, milk, ghee, roasted nuts (kaju, badam, chironji, pista and raisins), sugar, clove, cardamom powder, saffron, dates (seedless).

Optional ingredients: khoya or milk powder, dried rose petals, rose water or kewra essence

How to make Sheer Khurma?

-- Add 1 tablespoon of ghee in a pot. Put broken vermicelli in it and stir fry on low heat until it turns light brown. Stir continuously to avoid them from burning at the bottom of the pan. 

-- In a fresh pot, add 1 and ½ liters of milk and 5-6 chopped seedless dates to the same pot and cook for 10-12 minutes. Stir the mixture frequently. 

-- Add the roasted vermicelli and roasted nuts to the pot of milk and dates and cook for another 10-12 minutes until vermicelli is softened and khurma is slightly thickened. Stir frequently. 

-- Put sugar, saffron soaked in milk, and ½ teaspoon cardamom powder in the thickened mixture and cook for another minute.

-- Serve it warm or chill.