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Alcohol to Sugar: Foods that are killing your abs and must be avoided at all costs

Abs are part of one's dream physique. Toned and defined abs are hard to achieve but a week of bad lifestyle can affect months of hard work you put in to achieve them.

Devasheesh Pandey Written By: Devasheesh Pandey New Delhi Published on: December 03, 2022 18:08 IST
Actor Tiger Shroff
Image Source : INSTAGRAM/TIGERJACKIESHROFF Tiger Shroff shows off his six-pack abs

Abs are one of the most defining and attractive features of a person's physique. Not only do they look absolutely fantastic, but they are also proof that one is hitting the gym hard and is serious about their fitness. People spend years training in the gym to get the toned abdominal muscles and the ripped look but there are certain food items that will certainly hamper your ab progress if you include them in your diet, knowingly or unknowingly. Fitness experts have been reiterating that abs are built in the kitchen and mere working out will not give you desired results as far as abs are concerned. Let's take a look at what foods one must certainly avoid if one wishes to see their abs.  

Processed sugar

Processed sugar is the enemy of sculpted abs. If you want those defined ab muscles then keep processed sugar to a bare minimum. Or best avoid them at all costs. Sugar intake increases fat and body weight, which are an absolute no for ab development. 


Alcohol consumption is not just bad for your abs but the whole workout routine in general. Alcohol consumption causes lethargy and makes you feel drained out. It also causes dehydration. Body performance goes down due to a tired body and under the influence of alcohol, one is prone to making bad eating choices. 


Carbonated beverages

Sugar forms a major part of carbonated beverages or soda or cold drinks. Although they may taste great, they must be avoided at all costs if your aim is healthy living. 


Bread contains carbs and no proteins. If you are going for a shredded look then carbs must be managed during your whole-day meal plan. Bread is easy to consume and one cannot get rid of it easily from their diet plan. But eat it in moderation and go for healthier bread options. 

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 Fast Food 

Fast food must be avoided as much as possible. They are high in carbs, sugar, salt and unhealthy fat content. They are tasty and hard to avoid but must be eliminated from diet altogether. 

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