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Here is the Recipe for Pistachio Chai Milkshake with Cinnamon

Recipe for Pistachio Chai Milkshake with Cinnamon

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New Delhi Updated on: October 20, 2020 13:48 IST
Pistachio Chai Milkshake, Cinnamon
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Pistachio Chai Milkshake with Cinnamon

With the goodness of Vanilla ice cream and Cinnamon, update your taste buds with Pistachio Chai Milkshake.
For preparing the Pistachio Chai Milkshake with Cinnamon, you require
o 12 oz. of Vanilla ice cream
o 5 oz. Whole Milk
o Chai tea leaf (enough to fill a standard tea bag)
o Honey
o ½ cup finely chopped roasted salted pistachios
o Whipped cream
o 2 teaspoons cinnamon
Put Chai tea leaf in a teabag or brewing method of choice. Heat roughly 5 oz. of milk in a saucepan with the teabag submerged in the milk. Stir the milk to avoid burning and to help with the steeping process. Remember to cook on low for 15 mins or until the tea has flavored the milk. Now set the milk tea aside to cool.
Once the milk tea has cooled, put three large scoops Vanilla ice cream into a blender. Then pour cooled milk tea into the blender with the ice cream in 1:3 proportion, wherein 3-parts ice cream to 1-part milk tea and blend until its smooth and has all the ice cream chunks been broken down.
To prepare your serving glass, pour honey onto a small plate and dip the rim of your serving glass in some honey. Now, dip the honey’d rim of the serving glass in the finely chopped pistachios and pour the milkshake into the glass and top with whipped cream.
For garnishing-- shake some cinnamon over top and enjoy drinking the milkshake.
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Image Source : PRPistachio Chai Milkshake with Cinnamon


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