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  5. 5 instant ways to put an end to your food craving, here's how

5 instant ways to put an end to your food craving, here's how

Today, we give you few tricks that could help stop your food cravings instantly!

Written by: Pavni Jain New Delhi Published on: August 29, 2018 15:24 IST
5 instant ways to put an end to your food craving, here's how

5 instant ways to put an end to your food craving, here's how

Dealing with food cravings every now and then? Looking for quick-and-easy ways to stop these cravings?

Well, what if we say that we have 5 ways to stop your food cravings in 10 minutes or less.

Here are few tricks that could help stop your cravings instantly!

Power yoga is the key

Practicing yoga or meditation may control your unnecessary food craving in less than ten minutes. So, what's the fastest way than this?

Be a kid again

Yes, be a kid again and we don't mean that go stubborn about your food. To be a kid again means get engaged in playing video games. Use your phone for a better cause than sms-ing. Playing a game will distract you and will boost your energy level.

Human interaction would do

Distract yourself from the world of food and to do so, conversation is the best way. Though we expect you to not talk about food, chit-chat about every other thing.

Tip: Indulging yourself in your hobbies or playing with your pet are other options!

Glass of water helps

Since drinking water is the ultimate solution of everything. Drinking plenty of water throughout your day keeps you away from unhealthy snacking or sugary beverage. And when it comes to food craving, having a glass of water instantly puts a period tpo your craving.

Watch funny videos

Another instant method to stop your food craving is by watching your favourite stand-up comedian. Use your phone, plug in your canal phones, and watch a funny two-minute video which will instantly shoo away your cravings.

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