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Go bold and asymmetrical: Jewellery trends for 2018

Subtle but powerful ruffle jewellery pieces can make as big a statement as huge pieces. 

Edited by: India TV Lifestyle Desk, New Delhi [ Published on: April 17, 2018 17:29 IST ]

Jewellery trends for 2018

Women's love for jewellery has been known since time immemorial. Whether it is sleek neck piece, a pendant, rings or Kundan jewellery, they are the most treasured love of ladies. 2018 has welcomed some new trends in jewellery and the re-imagination of some of the trends of yore. From boldness, juxtaposition of colours, asymmetrical shapes to trapped and protected gemstones, experts suggest some trends for this year.

Here some of the most prominent trends that one can expect in the months to come.

* Bold statement jewellery: It is the most prominent trend especially so far as earrings and choker neck pieces are concerned.

* Trapped and protected gemstones trend: Typically, gemstones are set in jewellery using traditional setting styles such as prongs. This year, the industry redefines gemstone settings in jewellery by using a halo of precious colortones and mesh to hold the gemstones within the piece. An innovation in jewellery that challenges the classics.

* Bold statement jewellery incorporating discs: Statement studs and eardrops, and choker neckpieces incorporating discs in various sizes and metals such as gold and rose gold, are likely to be the hottest interpretation of this trend, straight off the runway!

* Frills and ruffles: The hottest trend in apparel will be translated to jewellery as well. This trend does not necessarily translate to huge pieces. Subtle but powerful ruffle jewellery pieces can make as big a statement as huge pieces. 

* Juxtapose of colour: Fascination for colours is stronger ever. We predict an exotic style of bringing eclectic palette together with interesting silhouettes.

* Asymmetry and mis-match: The trend of asymmetry is a freedom to mix and match.

* Fluidity: Fluid forms with volume in surfaces would be dominant. Clean and contemporary shapes and silhouettes will be popular.

(With IANS inputs)

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