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The Lore of Rainbows: This series of poem echoes the sentiments of LGBT community with great vehemence

Through this series, Author Sameer Khan aims to spread equality, harmony, love and social acceptance for all.

Written by: Reshu Manglik New Delhi Published on: October 06, 2017 15:55 IST
LGBT community poem collection
The Lore of Rainbows- A series by Author Sameer Khan

'The lore of Rainbows', a name that itself exudes an essence of love and inclusion. This series is a predecessor of the author Sameer Khan’s book 'Eerie Edges'. In this series his aim is to understand and express the turmoil of emotions: personal and public, experienced by the LGBTQIA community as metaphorically as He can express it. This is his quest for understanding and supporting the anxiety as well as depression endured by this community. This series of poems will talk about, the feelings of loneliness, self-doubt and self-hate. His work as an artist and a supporter of the cause is to express the pain suffered by them. 

An individual belonging to the LGBTQ community, often experiences a huge storm of emotions, that they battle within themselves and with the world outside. This series,' The Lore of Rainbows' is written as a tribute to the cause of humanity, equality and love.  

This series is going to discuss the various challenges and circumstances endured by each gender. The author, always believed in freedom, including the freedom of sexual orientation. This title, 'The Lore of Rainbows' symbolizes the unity of all the hues, and the beauty it creates, together. Hence this series will depict the unity of emotions experienced by every gender. This series showcases their strengths and struggles and how they overcome those obstacles with a huge margin of victory. This series talks about gender equality along with equality in sexual orientation.

LGBTQ is a strong community which needs our support from all aspects. Our society, however doesn't realize that the LGBTQ community is a part of us, they experience the same emotions as we do. The only difference is, their fight is also with the society that considers them as the outcasts. 'The Lore of Rainbows', is a series seeking acceptance for the feelings and emotions of the LGBTQ community. This series, is an attempt to bring about peace and prosperity, by talking about the hardships faced by the LGBTQ community. The author plans to bring about a change in the way we think and how we react to our encounters with people from the LGBTQ community. We rarely understand the anguish suffered by this community and he plans to bring out their sufferings to the society. Who are we to discriminate, when we are all created equally? We all suffer mental anguish then why should we differentiate in our understandings of other members of our society? We may be unique in our own ways but we all are equal. Through this series, Sameer Khan aims to spread equality, harmony, love and social acceptance for all. 

May love spread beyond it's horizons. 

Let's make this world a better place.

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The Lore of Rainbows

The Virgo

It's her. 
The one who listens to her heart. 
The one, who battles all brutes apart.


It's her.
A heart, turned graveyard.
With buried hopes, 
Which were torn apart.
There are skeletons hung,
On the trees of memories,
The skeletons of her dreams,
Glittering, yet burnt.

It's her.
The one, who speaks to her heart.
While it whispers her, motivation.
It teaches her, it's never too late to start.

It's her.
A conquerer, cause she knows how far she has come. 
She counted the corpses,
Of so many dreams that died. 
In the war of survival, in life. 
It was tough
Cause it was her loved ones against.
It was her parents, her family that fought.

It's her.
Gazing at the battle fields, stained with the blood of sacrifice.
Sacrifice of her will, 
She chose her true self, but lost what once she loved.
Yet, she stands still, brave.
Watches all the bonds of blood, wither and burn.

It's her.
Who witnesed an apocalypse. 
And survived it with pricks and stabs.
Wounded to the core, yes.
But didn't let it show, perhaps.

It's her.
Standing still, enrolled within a torn clothing of confidence.
The one who had lost her empire of hopes. 
Then the clouds slid away, made way for the sun. 
Light touched her, glorifying her existence.

It's her.
Who wandered into a forest,
Who created the jungle, her empire, 
Wild and care free, just as she was.
She turned the skeletons of her dreams, her throne.
While a wolf sat by her, whom she caressed.

It's her.
With a heart, cracked on the inside.
Held together, by ice, cold.
Impossible, it feels to melt the ice
And mend her heart a whole.

It's her.
Who one day, wandered back to the world. It seemed familiar, but she was alien to them. 
She is a human, but they made her feel, isolated.
She was on earth, but felt like on some other planet. 

It's her.
Who tried to create doorways, millions of them.
To jump out of the disgust, they have landed her into. 
But, as soon as the door opened, 
Each door took her to another planet.
But not one, to go back.
To go back to what she remembered this place as.
Peaceful, flourished with acceptance.

It's her.
Who lost hope, yet conquered it back.
It was just another challenge to her.
She just needed a spark, to put her back on track.

It's her.
Who one day finally succeeded.
As she found a door that took her back to the earth. 
The earth with humans.
Compassionate, loveable and peace-loving.

Her heart grew red roses,
Oh, the ice had melted.
The warmth of tenderness of love, spread around, 
While the graveyard turned a garden.
She aerated love, wherever she walked.
There were sprinkles of happiness, often.


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