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Bhai Dooj 2020: 5 unique gifts to give your brother or sister

Bored with exchanging chocolates on Bhai Dooj? Gift your sibling these 5 unique presents to make the festival memorable.

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New Delhi Published on: November 12, 2020 14:52 IST
Bhai Dooj 2020: 5 unique gifts to give your brother or sister
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Bhai Dooj  gift ideas

Bhai Dooj is here marking the end of Diwali festivities. This festival is celebrated between brother and sister and is quite similar to that of Rakshabandhan. Here the sister applies tika to the brother's forehead and wishes for her well-being while the brother gives the sister a gift. Most of the times sister are also ready with a return gift. So, on this day of sibling bonding, don't just stick to the boring chocolates and sweets, gift them something different this time. Here we are with a list of some amazing and unique ideas for gifting your sibling a present on Bhai Dooj. Take a look:

Smart watch

A smart watch is one of the smartest options one can give to their millennial sibling. This is not just stylish but very useful too. Now a days there are different range of smart watches available in the market for you to choose. They vary from price to price therefore, it will also be easier to choose the one which suits your budget.

Portable gaming console

If your sibling is a gamer and loves playing games on his phone, gift him a portable gaming console. Trust us he or she will love you even more after this. The range of the cost starts from 2,000 and it is easily available online.

Gift card

If you are unaware of the choices of your siblings then gifting a gift card is an intelligent option. A gift card can be of any particular apparel store or an online shopping site. This will let them pick whichever gift they like and you can even move ahead of the tradition of excanging money envelopes.

Bluetooth speaker

Bluetooth speaker is one of the best new age gifts to present your brother or sister. It hs different price range and even comes in an eco-friendly version as well. So order yours now

customised T shirt

This can be an interesting gift to give as you can customize the T shirt with beautiful graphics and quotes. Now a days there are a lot of options of personalizing such stuff online. 

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