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Want healthy skin? Have these healthy drinks regularly

In addition to skincare routines, there are healthy drinks that can help achieve glowing skin. Here are some such healthy drinks, recommended by experts:

Edited By: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Published on: March 31, 2023 17:30 IST
Want healthy skin
Image Source : FREEPIK Want healthy skin? Have these healthy drinks regularly

Having healthy and radiant skin is a common aspiration for many individuals. Achieving this goal often involves adhering to extensive skincare routines and being mindful of the foods we consume. Incorporating fruits and vegetables into our diets can be beneficial for our skin health as they are rich in essential nutrients. One effective way to reap these benefits is by consuming healthy beverages and juices . 

Here is a list of some healthy juices you must add to your skincare regime.

Smoothie for Healthy Skin 

Combining milk, peanut butter, cinnamon, oats, and sattu powder in a blender creates a smooth and tasty drink. The ingredients in this smoothie offer multiple skin benefits. 

Milk is a great source of calcium and vitamin D, which can stimulate collagen production and improve skin tone. Oats are loaded with amino acids and can help build collagen while reducing skin inflammation. Sattu powder, rich in protein, also helps build collagen and improve skin health. Peanut butter's vitamin E content protects skin from free radical damage. Lastly, cinnamon powder enhances blood flow to the skin, improving collagen production. 

Buttermilk with Chia Seeds

Made with curds, water, jeera (cumin) powder, rock salt, and chia seeds that have been soaked overnight, this buttermilk with chia seeds provides several benefits for the skin. Chia seeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can help reduce inflammation and improve skin elasticity. Meanwhile, buttermilk is loaded with antioxidants that fight free radicals and clear up blemishes, giving you smooth and healthy skin.

Lemon Water And Honey

Drinking lukewarm water mixed with lemon juice and honey can be good for your skin. Lemon juice has Vitamin C which can make your skin healthy and honey can help remove excess oil from the skin and prevent acne. A study has also found that lemon juice can fight against skin disease-causing fungal growth.

Fruit Juices

Drinking fresh fruit juice is good for your skin because it contains vitamins and micronutrients that are beneficial for your skin's health. Apples have antioxidants that help prevent signs of ageing, pomegranates have anti-ageing properties that renew skin cells, and oranges have vitamin C that fights against free radicals. Simply drinking a glass of fresh fruit juice of your choice can help give your skin a healthy glow.

Coconut Water with Gondh Katira

Adding 1 tablespoon of Gondh Katira to coconut water can be beneficial for your skin. Gondh Katira is a natural ingredient that has many health benefits. Coconut water contains vitamins A, C, and K that can help improve skin hydration and elasticity, and make your skin glow. Gondh Katira has mucilage, which is a type of fiber that can soothe and hydrate your skin.

In addition to skincare products and DIY methods, it's important to cleanse your body from within for healthy, glowing skin. Drinking healthy beverages in the morning can remove toxins and improve overall health. Try these simple drinks to start your day and show off beautiful, healthy skin.


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