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Let your eye makeup stand out this season with these 5 trendiest eyeliner looks

Eyeliner is one of the best parts of eye makeup as it enhances the eyes beautifully. It is the best go-to product for many people who swear by it on a daily basis. Following are the five trendiest eyeliner looks that you can use to slay and stand out this season

India TV Lifestyle Desk Written by: India TV Lifestyle Desk New Delhi Updated on: April 25, 2022 10:10 IST
5 trendiest eyeliner looks of 2022

 5 trendiest eyeliner looks of 2022


  • Many people are opting for funky colors eyeliners
  • Graphic eyeliner is one of the best trends one can follow
  • The blurred eyeliner look is soft, subtle and easy thing to do

As they say, eyes speak a silent language that is louder than words. This definitely holds true when it comes to makeup. Many people love to show their strong personality with eye makeup skills and stand out boldly. They experiment with colours, styles and vibes to outshine. Social media trends also prove to be very influential when it comes to makeup. These days, playing with eyeliners has been in the trend. Netizens are loving different graphic eyeliners to make a statement look, especially graphic gel liners. Next, neon eyeliners are ruling the trend this summer because of the vibrance and oomph it brings to the look. Let's check out what more is trending on Instagram here-

Neon eyeliner

This is a killer look in itself. One does not need any other makeup product to look more presentable. Beauticians believe that if you are applying neon eyeliner then there is no need for any eyeshadow blending. It creates an amazing look and feels complete as it is.

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Minimalistic winged eyeliner

If you do not want a full cat-eye look and want to experiment a bit, the minimalist winged eyeliner is for you. You just need an eyeliner of your favorite color and draw a triangle on the outer corners of your eyes along with a little touch on the inner corners. This style makes one look super gorgeous.

Blurred Eyeliner 

If you do not know how to apply a crip sharp eyeliner, then don't worry. You can try the blurred eyeliner look which is a new trend of 2022. It is a soft, subtle and easy thing to do. You can create this look without the use of eyeliner pencil as you just need an eyeshadow palette and eyeshadow brush. Start blending your desired shade on the inner corners of your eyes and extend it out into a wing that almost touches your eyebrows.

Smudged Eyeliner

It is the best eyeliner trend for people who love smokey eyes. If you do not have much time to create a smokey eye effect with eyeshadow, worry not. You can create a smokey eye look with your eyeliner as well. You just need an eyeshadow brush to blend your eyeliner so well that you can smudge the fine lines on your eyes. 

Graphic colored eyeliner 

Graphic eyeliner art is becoming a thing now. Many people are opting for funky colors to make their eyes the absolute centre of attraction on their face. This trend of applying graphic eyeliner is one of the best trends one can follow to make their appearance impactful. You just need to grab a colorful eyeliner of your choice and draw a graphic line as you want on your eyelids.

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