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5 surprising benefits of adding alum to your bathwater

There are many benefits of bathing by adding alum in water during summer. This removes the fatigue of the whole day and you feel very refreshed. Know what happens if you add alum in bathwater.

Written By: Kristina Das @ New Delhi Updated on: June 13, 2024 15:30 IST
surprising benefits of adding alum to your bathwater
Image Source : FREEPIK Surprising benefits of adding alum to your bathwater.

To have healthy and beautiful skin, just making the face shine is not enough. For this, it is necessary to provide full nutrition to the entire skin. Some people try different types of remedies just to make the face beautiful, but when it comes to nourishing the entire body, then using alum mixed in bath water proves to be beneficial. Alum has many medicinal properties that help in making the body healthy and the skin healthy.

Why is alum considered beneficial?

Alum is a compound made of aluminium, potassium and sulphate. Alum is prepared in the form of crystals. Some people use alum a lot in winter. Alum is used to purify water, in many beauty products and medicines. Alum has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. People often use alum on their faces after shaving.

Benefits of taking bath by adding alum in water

Relief from fatigue and pain- Taking a bath by adding alum in water removes the fatigue of the day. This gives relief to the muscles. If you are tired after any physical activity, then take a bath with water by adding alum. If children have pain in their feet, their feet should be soaked in lukewarm water containing alum. Putting alum in hot water and keeping the feet in it provides a lot of relief.

The smell will go away- The smell of sweat bothers the most in summer. If you do not want to apply perfume again and again, then start bathing with alum water. Alum has antibacterial properties which remove body odour and kill odour-causing bacteria. You feel fresh for a long time after bathing with alum water.

Skin will become tight- With increasing age, the skin starts sagging. In such a situation, the use of alum proves beneficial. Bathing with alum water tightens the skin and tones the skin. This reduces pores and fine lines and makes the skin smooth. Bathing with alum water proves beneficial as age increases.

Inflammation will be reduced- Alum has anti-inflammatory properties which reduce inflammation. Alum also reduces bacteria that cause acne. This also dries up acne and prevents them from appearing quickly. Applying alum also reduces irritation on the skin. It is beneficial for patients with eczema or psoriasis.

Heals injuries and wounds- Alum is also known for its antiseptic properties. If there is a small cut, scratch or wound that needs to be cleaned, alum should be used. This reduces infection and the injury heals quickly. Alum also stops bleeding. Alum is applied on cuts during shaving.

How to take a bath with alum water

First of all, fill your bucket or bathtub with lukewarm water. Now add 1-2 teaspoons of alum powder or a piece of alum in it. Leave it for half an hour and when the alum dissolves, take a bath with it.

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