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5 basic haircare habits for healthy-looking, shiny hair

Here, we give you some basic rules or say, essential habits for better scalp, healthy roots and beautiful hair.

Pavni Jain Pavni Jain
New Delhi Published on: July 13, 2018 16:12 IST
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Everyone is keen on getting long and beautiful, flowing hair but who has time to make efforts?

We aspire to get strong, thick and silky hair as they show in innumerable hair advertisements. But being realistic and not thriving for as-shown-in-advertisement hair, we can at least opt for some basic rules or say, essential habits for better scalp, healthy roots and beautiful hair.

1. Comb your hair quite often - Combing hair after a shower and in the morning or before hitting the bed at night is very common. But what about the day? Comb your hair at least 3 to 4 times in a day to remove dead cells from your scalp and increase blood flow to the roots. Brushing reduces frizz of your hair leaving it healthy and shiny.

2. Oil your hair regularly - Oiling helps in keeping your hair nourished. Ideally, you should massage your scalp for 15-20 minutes with gentle fingertips and leave it for 2-3 hours before you shampoo. You should oil your hair at least twice a week to avoid dandruff and itchy scalp. Hair oils like coconut oil, almond oil or mustard oil work as wonders for any scalp. If you are busy six days a week and feel lazy to oil your hair on that one free day, go for a hair spa treatment.

Tip: If you are looking for effective methods for growing long hair, do not miss out on inversion method.

3. Wash your hair frequently - Do not, I repeat, do not keep your hair dirty throughout the week. Wash your hair twice or thrice a week to avoid infectious scalp or stinky hair. Keeping and washing your hair frequently will give a breathing space to new cells to grow.

Tip: Washing your hair frequently isn't equivalent to wash your hair daily. Using shampoo everyday can damage your hair and leave it dry. In case, you can't give up on shampooing, use high-end herbal shampoos that are meant for this purpose.

4. Go for the right haircare products - You need to pay attention while shopping for your haircare products. Choose the product that goes with your hair type. For example, if you have dry hair, look out for a shampoo with moisturising ingredients like milk and honey and if you have oily hair, go for a product that has rich in citric properties.

Tip: Never forget to check the manufacturing and expiry date mentioned on the product you are purchasing.

5. Keep your hair dry - Don't leave your hair sweaty in a pony tail which can attract bacteria. Keep your hair open whenever you think they need air to dry.

Tip: Do not blow dry or hot iron your hair every time after shampooing as it can really damage the quality of your hair. Just let your hair breathe and dry naturally.

These five simple ways should be a part of your routine haircare no matter how busy you are!


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