October 23 to November 21

2019 will shower on you endless possibilities on the career front. Cancer Horoscope also says that your love life will take new turns. Know more!


This year has a lot of new things for you in your business and careers. Increments, bonuses, job change- all these finer things will be in favour of you and people involved in sales and marketing will get a number of opportunities. Their dreams of travelling to places will be accomplished in this year. You will enjoy the benefits of travelling abroad for work purpose says career horoscope of Scorpio.


As per Scorpio finance in 2019, you will get some profits or monetary benefits from your ancestral properties or assets which have been passed down to you. Your strategies should be planned keeping long-term interests in mind. Financial help from parents will help you with your pending dues during the April and May months. Your savings will give your finances enough liquidity to provide for substantial investments.


This year brings positive messages for Scorpions. If you are single, then this year your persona will be charming to attract the potential partner around. Sociability increases with increased possibilities of finding love. If you love someone and has not expressed yourself then this year gives cosmic support to you. Make use of this positive placement of planets and go ahead.


Scorpio health in 2019 will remain stable and good. You might be troubled by minor health-related ailments which will not be very serious. You should keep a track of your weight and fitness, as there are chances of you gaining some extra pounds if you don’t manage your diet properly. Early in the year, you may encounter a dental problem. This can be easily fixed if you get medical attention at the right time, but be sure not to wait to address this issue.