July 23 to August 22

Your career prospects in 2019 will be good. Leo Horoscope says that your earning potential will be equally good. Know more!


As per your Leo career horoscope 2019, all your skills, talents and hard work will reflect on your job in 2019 and will prove to be fruitful for you. Working people can expect huge amount of incentives, increments and bonuses. The period between May and July will bring in a lot of peace at your workplace. The working culture will be all about positive vibes. All the efforts that you put in will be seen in the coming days.


As per Leo Finance Horoscope 2019, this is a year of relative financial stability for you as compared to previous years. A small financial setback is on the cards during the Jupiter retrograde which begins on 11th April. This will most likely be due to minor oversights on your part. Don't be too hard on yourself for making a mistake, make the necessary adjustments and move on.


Your love relationship will surely blossom during this year, as it’s going to be all rosy for you this year as per your Leo love horoscope 2019. The desire to get mutual satisfaction in your love relationship will be fulfilled. Your relationship will become more intimate, mentally and physically. Your love, affection, and trust will also become more intense. You will develop a positive attitude in all aspects.


Leo Health Horoscope for 2019 is indicating a healthy start of the year. There won’t be any major concern regarding health and diseases but you’ve to be careful about the symptom that need immediate action, don’t overlook any alarming symptom. It is best, if you avoid the food that can lead to skin diseases. 2019 will be bringing an interesting mix of good and poor health both for you. You won\’t be ill severely but you may not be in a tip top position.