January 20 to February 18

You may overtire your mind and body due to the hectic work schedule. However, do not forget to plan some recreational activities reveals Aquarius Horoscope 2019. Know more!


Aquarians like to work for the community and in the community. Being a free spirit, they enjoy working in shifts. They like to perform tasks in their own way. Once they receive positive signals they work hard and reach designated goals. In the service fields, they can be effective welfare workers or educators. They are hard workers, have organizing capacity, of profound thoughts, clear headed, quick-witted and wide awake.


The year 2019 will turn out to be difficult for the natives of Aquarius sign. You will need money in different areas of life as per Aquarius Money Predictions 2019. You will face struggling situations but will acquire some new wisdom during your testing time. The need for money will make you understand the difference between your real well-wishers and fair-weather friends.


As per love life of Aquarians in 2019, those of you who are seeking love should let go of their cognitive microscope, and, start accepting the gifts of companionship with more openness and gratitude. Consider the character and intent of your love interest before disdaining the proposals that come your way. Those of you who are divorced or are recovering from a break up should not shy away from getting into a new relationship.


Your health will be a mixed bag in 2019, with periods of being hale and hearty followed by bouts of sickness. You may overtire your mind and body due to the hectic work schedule. You may find that you are falling sick frequently during the initial months, only half the blame lies with your weak immune system the other half can be attributed to you pushing your body to the extreme. The middle of the year brings some relief as your mental stress will be reduced by some positive changes on the work front after May 2019.