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Horoscope today November 17, 2020: Astrology predictions for Capricorn, Aries, Leo and others

Acharya Indu Prakash brings daily astrology prediction and horoscope according to your zodiac signs Cancer, Virgo, Leo, Pisces, Gemini, Libra, Scorpio, and Taurus. Find out how stars are aligned in your rashi on November 17.

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New Delhi Published on: November 17, 2020 6:10 IST
Diwali Horoscope today November 17, 2020: Astrology predictions for Capricorn, Aries, Leo and others
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Diwali Horoscope today November 17, 2020: Astrology predictions for Capricorn, Aries, Leo and others


You will have a great day Whatever work you want to do, that work can be completed with ease. You just need to be a little restrained. You should cooperate in society's work to maintain your dignity. You can go to a friend's birthday party. You can plan for starting any new work. You should keep your talk open in front of others. This will make things clear. You will continue to get happiness from children.



Your day will be beneficial. Any big work will be completed with the help of children. Parental support will also remain. You can go to any religious place with parents in the evening, this will calm your mind. You can also get some good news from yourself. Students of this amount will continue to be inclined towards studies. You may have some new responsibilities, which you will carry out successfully. Your health will also be good. The economic side will also remain strong.



Your day will be normal. Some of your work can be stopped. But don't worry, a friend will definitely help you in completing this work. There can be a situation of business fluctuations. You must take the opinion of elders before doing any work. This will benefit you. The advice of a relative can change the direction of your career, but you should take any decision in your life very carefully. Business will get progress. There will be an atmosphere of peace in the house.



Your day will be normal. Children may have to make some papers related to school-college. You may also have to ask someone for help in this matter. You may have some differences with a family member. You can be immersed in your thoughts about your expenses. You need to keep an eye on everything around you. Many people may have trouble understanding you. You can read a little bit of running around for any bank job, which will make you feel a little tired.



You will have a great day After dealing with work you will feel relax. You may have to make a big decision in a matter. You can go out with your friends and spend some happy moments, which will give you good Phil. Some close ones can benefit you in your career. Businessmen with this amount can get a bigger project than expected. The situation will be fine in terms of money. Income will increase. Many new avenues of progress will open soon.



You will have a great day All your work will be done as per your wish. You will spend happy moments with children. Family relationships will be stronger. The day is auspicious for the students doing engineering for this amount. You will get full support from friends. You can also get a job opportunity from a good company. Harmony will come in your married life. Officers will be supported in the office. There will be peace and happiness in life.



Your day will be fine. You may be a little worried about some old thing, but everything will be fine by evening. Suddenly a relative may come home, with whom you can enjoy lunch at home. Apart from this, you can also plan to go on a tour, in which you will involve your siblings. You will get your work done in office as soon as possible. Married people will continue to make their lives happy. There will be peace and happiness in family life.



Your day will be full of confidence. You may have some new friends. Your social circle will increase to a great extent. You can get help from people around you. You are also expected to get benefits in the field of business. You will get complete success in daily tasks. Your relationship with your spouse will be good. You will try to understand each other. Can think of doing something in a new way. Success will kiss your footsteps. Health of parents will be good.



Your day will be favorable. Your financial position will remain strong. No challenge will stand in front of you. You can be invited as a guest in a seminar. People there will be greatly influenced by your behavior. In the evening you can go for a walk with your spouse. You will get big benefits from meeting new people. Discussions can be held with everyone in the family on a particular matter. Your planned tasks will be completed. Your love life will be good.



You will have a good day You may face many challenges in office work. You can take the help of a friend in your work. Making decisions with patience can open new possibilities of success. Jeevansathi's cooperation can benefit you. You need to think a little about your future. A relative may suddenly come to your house. You will love talking to them. The atmosphere of the house will remain pleasant.



Your day will be full of happiness. You will get some good news, which will make everyone's face in the family blossom. People would like to talk to you later. You can meet a dear friend. You can get money from new sources. You may have an inclination towards love affair. You will remain fit in terms of health. A thought will suddenly come in your mind, which will open the way to your progress. Relationships will be better. There will also be opportunities to gain money.



You will have a busy day. Parents can visit picnic spots with their children somewhere nearby. You can also plan to attend an event. The atmosphere in the office can be a bit severe. You should give your opinion only after listening carefully to the talk of your boss. You may also feel a bit of laziness. You should keep your food and drink healthy. In some cases you may also be a bit emotional. All your troubles will be removed.


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