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Horoscope Today, Karwa Chauth, Astrology Nov 4, 2020: From Libra to Scorpio– know about your day

Learn from Acharya Indu Prakash how the placement of stars on November 4 is going to affect your life. His astrological predictions on Karwa Chauth will help you know how your personal, social, professional, and love life will unfold.

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New Delhi Published on: November 04, 2020 6:00 IST
Horoscope Today, Astrology Nov 4, 2020 (Bhavishyavani): From Libra to Scorpio– know about your day
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Horoscope Today, Astrology Nov 4, 2020 (Bhavishyavani): From Libra to Scorpio– know about your day


Your day will be normal. Today will be your promotion. Sweetness will remain in married life. If you respect your elders, you will get more progress in future. If you are thinking of starting a new business, today is auspicious day. Family and friends will support you in your new business. There will be a plan to watch a movie at home with the family. You will get some good news from your children. The economic side will remain strong.



Today will be a day spent with family. You can go out shopping with family like home. A relative's marriage will also be called. Today, we can plan a new task with our brothers. The married life of the people of this sign will remain happy. A plan to go abroad with friends can also be prepared. There are chances of getting employment to the unemployed. Health will be good.



Today your luck will be kind to you. Today, whatever work you want to do, it will definitely be completed. Today you will be recognized by your strength and reputation. Today you can plan to go to a function. Today you are going to get a lot of love from your sincere affected spouse. Today, people of this zodiac will be able to see all the doors of promotion openly after facing problems. Today is going to be better for students with this sign than other days. The economic situation will be normal.



Today's your day is going to be much better than before. Today will be favorable for those of this sign. Today, whatever you want will be completed according to your mind. Today will be a great day for people with jobs. Do not forget to take the opinion of your elders before doing any big task. People with this zodiac can also get marriage offer today. You can take your children to the park. New paths of promotion will also open in life.



Today there will be interest in religious works. You can also be invited to any religious ceremony. Today, you stay away from relatives, their wrong advice can distract you from your path of progress. Today is auspicious for students of this zodiac who are doing engineering. Offer can also come from any multinational company. A plan can be made to go to the Heel station outside with the brothers. Today will be a good day for those working in private office. Wealth opportunities will also be available.



Today, your education will be focused on writing, if you are thinking of filling a form, then fill it immediately. Today is going to be a normal day for businessmen. Today you control your irritability. Ignore the things that are becoming obstacles for you today. You will be good towards your elders. Children can give you good news. Which will keep your mind cheerful. Your financial side will remain strong. Take Lovemate to the log drive today. There will be sweetness in relationships.



Today will be the day of irony. People of this zodiac can start any big scheme today. They will definitely get benefit in the future. Today you can bump into a close friend. Which you will come home with. The arrival of Lakshmi as a child in the house will create an atmosphere of happiness. Those working in government offices can be promoted today. Today, new ideas will arise in your mind about business. The relationship with Jeevansathi will remain sweet.



Today all the wishes can be fulfilled. Businessmen today can get benefits. The economic side will be better than before. Today you can go for a trip to celebrate your soul mate. Your children will support you in your business. You can gift ring to Lovemate today. There will be sweetness in the relationship. Those who are inclined towards political work can get offers from any party today. In the case of health, you will remain healthy.



Today your day is going to be very important for you. Today your financial situation will be stronger than before. Today you can spend money on new clothes. Today your mood can get spoiled due to some stranger. Because of which you will feel stressed today. In business today you will get a small amount of profit as expected. If you want to buy a new vehicle today then today is auspicious for you. You may travel abroad in connection with business.



Today will be beneficial for the people. Today your friends will help you in your stopped work. Today your enemies will keep distance from you. Today you can get good news from someone you love. In case of money today, you should avoid lending. Today, you can get your stopped money back. Students of this zodiac should not argue with anyone today. Today, you will remain trend towards studies. Today you will have some new responsibilities. Due to your sharp intellect, you can see the rewards of getting the award today.



This day will be full of excitement. Today, you should be careful about your health as well as food and food. Today a new relative may come to your home. Today, moving into new business will lead you to progress. There can be chances of having friends with friends. You can increase your respect and respect in society by doing something good. A good dinner plan will be made at home with the family. You can go on a date with Lovemate.



Today will be a very happy day for you. Today you will feel the relationship. Today you may have to take a big decision in a matter. Today your financial situation will improve compared to before. People of this zodiac will experience negativity in the matter of love today. An outsider can try to dissolve poison in your married life today, but your wisdom will keep you away from these troubles. In contrast, needy things can also benefit you. Can go to the park with children.


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