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Horoscope March 29 (Holi 2021): Today's day is auspicious for Taurus people, Know about other zodiac signs

On Holi, learn from Acharya Indu Prakash what is going to happen in your personal and professional life. He throws light on the astrological predictions of March 29, 2021.

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New Delhi Published on: March 29, 2021 6:15 IST
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Horoscope March 29


You will spend more time with their families today. You can also be emotional. There is a possibility of getting the support of family members in any important work. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the family due to the progress in life. Today you will feel healthy. You may get a chance to help other people. Parental blessings will be received. 


Today is auspicious for Taurus people. You will get benefit from old things done. Luck will stay with you. Meeting new people may benefit you in the future. Your confidence will increase. Today students will get to learn some new things from their mother at home. The day is very good for lovemates, you can go out for lunch together. Your financial situation will improve. 


People should take some big step today only after taking advice of some elder in the house. The day is going to be normal for Economics students. You just need to work harder to get success. You should avoid trusting someone unknown. You can think about changing your lifestyle today. All your problems will be solved.


Cancerians today will be able to fulfill the responsibilities of their family. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the house. Today, some special tasks are getting postponed. You may have to make a big decision in a matter. Traders need to work a little harder. You will spend happy moments with spouse. All your problems coming to business will be removed. 


You will meet some important people today. You will get full support of your spouse. On the basis of your personality, you will also make some people of society in your favour, this will give you full benefit in future. Today, your focus will remain on your goal. Family relationships will be get stronger. New avenues of employment will open for unemployed people. Overall, today's day is going to be a good day for you. 


You will suddenly gain money today. You will get some good news from your children. Today you will learn something new. The advice of the elders of the house will be beneficial today. Take care while driving today. For women, the whole day will be spent on household chores. You will spend time with your spouse in the evening. You will have to work a little hard to grow the business. The economic situation will be strong. 


You will spend more time in religious activities. You may feel a little tired. You will spend time with the children. Today you should listen carefully to everyone. The interaction with friends will remain good. You will get success in any important work. This will boost your confidence. But you should be careful about money. Money related problems may occur in the business. The atmosphere of the house will be full of happiness. 


You will feel refreshed today. You will complete your work anyhow today. You will also get help from family members. You will try to listen to others. Lovemates will spend time together, which will lead to newness in the relationship. With the blessings of the elders of the house, you will get success in all work. The businessmen will profit. Take special care of the health of young children. 


You will feel energetic today. You are expected to gain money. People engaged in creative work will get great success today. Your relationship with your spouse will be strong, you can also go for a walk with them. Relationships with friends will be better. You will also benefit in some work. There will be an increase in wealth. 


You will get some good news today. Today, most things will be solved very easily. You will get some new experiences. Today you will meet some people, from whom you will get new ideas of earning money. Students will get better results. Your health will be good. You will spend time with family in the evening. 


Today you will spend time with your friends and have fun. You will be ready for a new offer, today. You will be successful in completing a planned social work. Any special work of yours will be completed in time. Siblings can ask for your support in some work. Take special care of your health. 


You will get a chance to learn something new today. Spending time with children will bring happiness. Your worries about an old thing may increase, but by the evening everything will be fine. Spend time at home as much as possible, this will improve your relationships with everyone. There can be an argument with someone in your house. You will get profit opportunities in life. 

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