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Horoscope March 1: First day of March is going to be lucky for THESE five zodiac signs, know about others

Know from Acharya Indu Prakash how your day will be. And how March 01 is going to be for Aries, Taurus, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Saggitarius and other zodiac signs.

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New Delhi Published on: March 01, 2021 6:21 IST
Horoscope March 1:First day of March is going to be lucky for THESE 5 zodiac signs, know about other
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Horoscope March 1:First day of March is going to be lucky for THESE 5 zodiac signs, know about other

Traders are expected to get benefits  in terms of wealth. The pace of office work will be good, you will finish all your pending work. You will give any gift of their choice to your spouse. For some reason, the program of traveling with friends will be postponed. You can forget something important by placing it somewhere. You should take special care of your belongings. You should avoid eating fried and roasted things. 
Taurus might visit the temple with your parents. Spouse can give you good news of the arrival of a small guest in the house. The atmosphere of the family will also remain pleasant. You will remain in harmony with your spouse. You may plan to watch the movie together. You will benefit from getting a big offer. You can be very busy with work. Family members will expect you to do a particular job. You will live up to those expectations. You will get monetary profit opportunities.
You will be successful in settling any important work. Love-relationship will be full of sweetness. You will get pleasure from going on outings with friends. Concerns about money will be removed, as well as you may get your stalled money back. You will get many opportunities to move forward due to your hardwork. You will feel better as you will get sound sleep. The day is going to be beneficial for electronic engineers. Success in career is ensured.
You will get some good news from children. There will be opportunities to move forward in life. Cancer people who are associated with freelancing are likely to increase their income. You will definitely get fruits according to your hard work. Traveling in connection with new business will be beneficial. You will be full of enthusiasm with the support of your life partner. If you own a bookshop, your sales will increase.
There will be any Mangalik event in the family. Arts students will get full support from the teachers. For some days, the problem coming in any subject will be easily solved. By starting workouts in the morning, you will remain fit. You will get business opportunities. Your popularity will increase at the social level. Employed people will get benefits in working. Your work at the workplace will be great. Your respect in the society will increase.
Your any work will be completed. Also, by getting better advice, you will get a new way of earning money. There may be some debate with friends about something. The day will be better for teachers. You will get success in some work. You will feel full of energy. You should avoid making any decision in haste. Your hard work will bring success.
You will work in business as planned. Young children will go to play in the park with their friends. They will also enjoy the holiday. The atmosphere of the family will remain peaceful. People in restaurants business likely to increase their wealth. High officials will be pleased with you. Guests will arrive at home. You will achieve great success in your career. Also, your positive attitude will make you better in your career. You will get new career related opportunities. Luck is in your favour. 
There will be an atmosphere of joy in Scorpio's family. Mutual harmony will prevail in married life. You will remain fit in terms of health. The day is going to be beneficial for chemistry students. You will get full support of the teachers. Also, IT related students will also get benefits. Some people will be impressed by you. They will also try to join you. Businessman will get better opportunities. Employment opportunities will be available. 
You will get financial help from your relatives. You will get the support of your guru in your career. To maintain your health, you should take a walk in the morning and evening. This will keep you full of freshness. You can keep yourself depressed by thinking negatively. You will plan a tour with family members. You need to be careful in monetary transaction matters. Excess of functioning can affect your health. 
You will get some better advice from friends. There will be ups and downs in your health, due to which ypou might not feel like working. You should avoid trusting any unknown person. You will extend a helping hand towards the needy people. Students who are doing fashion designing course, they may get to design something new, their hard work will bring color. Happiness will increase in marriage. You are likely to get benefit in business. The blessings of the parents will remain on you. Father-son relationship will be good. 
You will feel full of confidence today. You will also get many opportunities to progress. Will plan a religious visit with the family. You are expected to make a profit in the business. Health will be better than before. Someone will think to do a new job. Understanding will increase with advancing in marriage. Commerce students will find a solution to the problems coming in their subjects. Your progress in life will be sure.
Your happy behavior will create a very good atmosphere in the house. The day is going to be favorable for employed people. They will get any good news related to work. Under the right plan, you will be successful in making a change in your career. You will be able to face challenges in your field. A romantic evening program will be made with the spouse, which will add to the sweetness in the relationship. At the social level, you will move forward to help people. Those associated with the field of media will get golden opportunities. Morale will increase. 

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