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Daily Horoscope January 29: Aries, Gemini and other zodiac signs to get benefit in business today

Acharya Indu Prakash reveals what's in store in astrology for your zodiac sign on January 29.

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New Delhi Published on: January 29, 2020 6:29 IST
Daily Horoscope January 29: Aries, Gemini and other zodiac signs to get benefit in business today


Daily Horoscope January 29: Aries, Gemini and other zodiac signs to get benefit in business today


Horoscope Today, Astrology January 29, 2020 (Bhavishyavani): There are many who do not believe in the readings of the astrology. It isn't proved yet however many do consider that these predictions do have an effect on your health, happiness, success, peace, family, and money. They are merely the readings which are based on the position of stars and planets in your zodiac sign. Following them will only benefit you and bring no harm. So, just like every other day, Acharya Indu Prakash is here to throw light on the bhavishyavani for today as per your sun sign. Have a look at the horoscope of January 29:



Today you will work with new energy throughout the day. Today will be special for teachers of this sign. Today, hard work will result in your favor. Relationship with spouse will improve. You can plan to watch movies with them. You will get the support of your mother in some important work. People of this amount who are lawyers, today they can win in a big case. You may get child happiness. Provide food to people sitting outside the temple, business will progress.


Today will be a day of progress in the field. Your relationship with parents will improve. People will support you. This will keep your heart happy. You will support the truth at every step. Today you can take an interest in reading religious books. Any of your thoughts work will be completed. Someone close may have some expectations from you today. Relationships with business partners will be strengthened. You will benefit from the work done with them. Feed the cow with green grass, all your desires will be fulfilled.


Today, there will be ups and downs in health. You should take care of your health. Today you need to control your speech. There is a possibility of debate with some people. Today will be a day of fame for the people associated with music, you will also get a big platform for performance. You are expected to get help from a professor. Today is going to be a good day for the students preparing for competitive examinations. Profits are being made in business. Offer modak to Ganesh ji, business will increase.



Today, there will be a chance to spend more and more time with family. Today is the day for book seller of this zodiac. Political people should be careful in their work. Someone may try to tarnish your image. Some money related work can stop today. This may increase your problem slightly. Today, young people who are looking for private jobs are likely to get jobs in a good place. Keep water filled with sparrows in an earthen pot, your family ties will be strong.

5. LEO

Today you are likely to meet an old friend. You can also go for a walk with them. Any important work will be completed with the help of your father. Today you will work hard at the workplace and your hard work will also bring color. Students of this amount will get better results in exam today. Today is a good day to start studying for a new subject. Today your interest in social work will increase, which will increase your reputation in society. Distribute laddu offerings to people outside the temple, all people will get support in life.


Today you will feel yourself full of energy. The work you will do will be completed ahead of time. Engineers of this amount will get huge money benefit from any work. You will use your experiences in the right direction. It will be beneficial to take the advice of friends in any important work. Special matters will be discussed with the officials. But today you may be worried about the obstacles coming to your wedding. For this day, after bathing and worshipping in the morning, wear a good luck device, by doing this, all the obstacles coming in your marriage will be over.


Suddenly a friend of yours may come home today. Today will be a good day for the students of law of this amount. You will get fruit only by working hard in the right direction. You can go on a long journey from any office work. Before starting any work, it would be good to seek advice from spouse. Today in some cases you may remain confused. Your mind will be more engaged in worship. There is also a possibility of becoming a new friend. Shri Ganeshay Namah, chant the mantra 11 times, your troubles will be away.


Today you will get everyone's support. Good job offers are coming for the people of this amount. There will be an atmosphere of happiness in the house. Your relationship with child side will be better. You can get some great happiness from them. Today, your influence will remain on people. Coordination with spouse will be good. You can make a profit in the business. You are likely to befriend a colleague in the office. Today, more attention needs to be paid to students. Therefore, worship Ganesh on this day and wear a Vidya Yantra.


Today you will spend happy moments with family. People with this amount of CA, ie Chartered Accountant, will get many golden opportunities for promotion. By helping an elder, you will feel relieved. You will be able in every way in the field. Your happy behavior will create a happy atmosphere at home. You will establish new dimensions in career. You will get benefit in financial matters. Keep a green handkerchief with you, the day will be great.


Today everyone will get support in office. Seniors will be happy with you. There is a possibility of increase in income. Your position will be strong in every way. You will feel refreshed throughout the day. Chances of foreign travel are being made today for people associated with this amount of politics. Home - Family atmosphere will be peaceful. You can spend more money on some personal work or money coming in from anywhere can also result in interruptions. For this day, you should tie 7 grains of red ghugchi in a red cloth and keep it in the vault.


Today you will get the benefit of old identity from someone in the field. All your stopped work will be completed easily. If you start any work with the help of your elder brother and sister, then you will definitely get progress in it. Today your mind will be happy. Will go to visit a religious place with the family. You will be praised for some work in the office. Today is a better day for married people of this sign. Your health will be fine. Trying in some work will definitely help luck. Keep the color of the bedroom light pink or light green, happiness will remain in married life.


Today, you should be careful about your dealings with others. Somebody may feel bad about you. The day will be fine for the benefit of money. You may see new sources of earning. You may have to travel through some family work. There is a possibility of meeting a relative suddenly. You will get a little stressed from the day's work. Everything will be fine in the family. Go to the temple and offer durva to Lord Ganesha and offer laddus as an offering. Doing this will solve all the problems of your life.


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