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Daily Horoscope January 17, 2020: Cancerians to have problematic day, know about other zodiac signs

Acharya Indu Prakash is here to solve all your problems today related to personal, professional or love life through his daily horoscope prediction for January 17, 2020.

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New Delhi Updated on: January 17, 2020 10:09 IST
Daily Horoscope January 17, 2020: Cancerians to have probelmatic day, know condition of other zodiac

Daily Horoscope January 17, 2020: Cancerians to have problematic day, know condition of other zodiac signs

Daily Horoscope January 17, 2020: A new day is here for you to begin all your work with, but will you succeed or not? If you are one of those who is keen on knowing how your day will be, then you should definitely check out the astrological predictions given out by Acharya Indu Prakash for your benefit. For today, Acharya reveals that Magha is the seventh day of Friday and the day of Krishna Paksha. Saptami Tithi will be at 7.28 in the morning. After that Ashtami Tithi will start. Ashtami Tithi will be on the next day at 5.34 pm and Magha Krishna's Ashtami Tithi is celebrated as Kalashtami. Also this afternoon Sukarma Yoga will be for 3 to 6 minutes. After that Dhriti Yoga will be applied. There will not be any obstruction in the work done during Sukarma Yoga, and the tasks will be successful. Check out the detailed daily horoscope for every zodiac sign below:


Today is going to be a great day. You can get a new suggestion for career advancement today. Today is the right day to start any new work. Whatever decision you make today will definitely benefit. You can get any good news related to travel. Today, people of this zodiac who are involved in politics will get an opportunity to participate in social programs and their respect will also increase. Health will be fit today. Provide food to girls, new paths of progress will open.



Today has brought happiness. Today your arrow will hit the target where you were thinking. Today, you need to keep patience, you will get what you wanted. Your seating area may change at the office today. Today, keep your physical-energy level high so that you can work hard and complete some important work as soon as possible. Today is the right day for students of this sign, there is a possibility of getting some good news. Health will be normal today. Feeding sparrows will relieve all your troubles.




Maintain freshness in your behavior like a fresh flower today. The day will be spent with friends in laughter. Spend some relaxing moments with family members. This time will give you a lot of joy in life. Women of this amount will spend most of their time in shopping. Today is the best day to do such things, by which you feel good about yourself. It would be beneficial to invest in jewelry. Which is going to give more benefits than expected. Today you are going to get happiness from child side. Worship Goddess Durga with incense and lamps to achieve success in the field.




Today is going to be stressful. For the last few days, the small problems you were suffering from will be cured today which will leave you feeling tired behind all this. Employees will feel competition and jealous of their peers. Instead of paying attention to them, follow the instructions given by the boss, the result will be good. In business today, your interaction with others will increase. People will be very happy with your practical attitude. Offer coconut to Maa Durga, you will get a lot of progress.


5. LEO

Its time to try seriously to achieve our goal. Whose pleasant fruit you will surely get. Today the time has come to materialize the plan you were thinking of implementing earlier. Because of this, you will be very busy. Today will be a very good day for the students of this sign. But there can be some tension in married life. Due to which your mind may get a little upset. For this, you should keep a statue of a love bird near your bed in your bedroom today. By doing this, the growing rift with your spouse will be removed and sweetness will come in the relationship.




Today will be a day spent traveling. You can get some good news from the office. Today, spending time with family will make you happy. Today you can also go to a festival in evening. Today it may prove to be right to guess you in some important work. People of this amount can get relief from a legal matter. Today, due to increasing domestic spending, the economic situation may be slightly weaker. Today, you can get a little upset due to tooth pain. Donate a shoe or sandal to the poor. Your work will remain stable.



Today is going to be a good day. Today, if you invest in the medicine or beauty industry, it will prove to be very beneficial. It is very important that before you make your investment, test it again and if necessary, make changes in it. Make a change in your positive thinking. Today, a person can get angry with something. Control this reaction of yours or else it may increase. Offer Lal Chunri to Maa Durga, you will progress further in your career.



Today has brought benefits. Important works will be completed with time. If you work with this energy level today, you will definitely get success in business. Put your point in front of others in such a way that people do not get angry with you. Old friends and relatives may also meet. A plan can be made to move somewhere. People who are journalists of this zodiac will get new opportunities to move forward in the field. But coming from somewhere, money can also be blocked. For this day, you should tie 7 grains of red ghugchi in a red cloth and keep it in the vault.




Today is going to be a favorable day. Today you will make some new planning which will provide new ways of promotion in business. Pay attention to your personal furnishings today. You may also be given something that will be challenging. Business may have new contracts. There are chances of increasing income. Auspicious works can be planned. If you are thinking of changing job, then change today, you will also get some good job offer. Fill an earthen pot with water for the animals, you will get success in work.



Today your confidence level will be high. The economic situation will improve through sudden profits. Today students of this zodiac should do such things which are worthy and praise and also enhance your reputation. Those who are engineers today will get a job offer from a big company, as well as an offer of extra income in the old company. Enemies and diseases will haunt you today. Feed the cow bread, there will be peace and tranquility in the house.



Today there will be ups and downs in the mind about anything. For the last few days, your mind is running in different directions and you will be unable to make decisions. Will be able to make clear and appropriate decisions about issues at their workplace. Today students of this zodiac will get good career advice from an experienced person. Today you are likely to come in contact with someone who will prove to be very influential for your future. If you get relief from your court-case. Lovemate can gift each other today. Gift a girl with red chunari, soon marriage will be done.




Today is going to be a mixed day. The problem you are facing in business can increase your stress. It would be good if you work by making a list of your work first, then you will benefit. Today, you will meet a close relative in a ceremony, which will make you happy. Today, due to cough and cold, you may have some trouble, health may be a bit down. Avoid eating cold things today. You will spend more time with family. Offer Laddus Prasad in the temple, all the stopped work will be completed.

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