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MUDA scam: Siddaramaiah responds to BJP's allegations, claims conspiracy as he belongs to backward class

"My family's case is not a scandal, our case is different from others. In our case, our land was illegally taken over and used by MUDA for making a layout," Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said.

Edited By: Raju Kumar @rajudelhi123 Bengaluru Updated on: July 11, 2024 16:57 IST
Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah
Image Source : PTI/FILE Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah

Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah on Thursday responded to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s allegation that fraudulent allotment of sites to land losers by Mysuru Urban Development Authority (MUDA), which involves plots given to his wife Parvathi, saying he was unnecessarily being targeted in the case as he belongs to a backward class community.  

The chief minister claimed that a conspiracy is being hatched against him out of heartburn as he belongs to a backward class community and has become the chief minister for a second time. Siddaramaiah further asserted that he won't fear such conspiracies.

He said his party would politically respond to the BJP's protest against his government. BJP state president BY Vijayendra announced a "mega" protest in Mysuru -- Siddaramaiah's home district -- on July 12 in connection with the alleged "scam".

"Haven't we given it (MUDA scam) for a probe...BJP is doing things for politics, we will have to do politics if they do politics. Let them do it (protest) under anyone's leadership, let them do it under JP Nadda (BJP national president) leadership. If they do it, we will also do it politically. Can only they do politics? We also know how to counter it politically," Siddaramaiah told reporters here.

To a question about the BJP trying to target him over sites allotted to his wife, the CM said, "They have to say where it is illegal. We are saying that things are legal. Let them show that it is illegal."

"Unnecessarily (I'm being targeted) for the sake of politics. They are doing it for the sake of politics as they couldn't find anything against me.

As Siddaramaiah, who is from the backward class, has become the chief minister for the second time, people are having heartburn, so a conspiracy is being hatched. Will I fear for such conspiracies?" he asked.

What is the matter?

It is alleged that compensatory sites were allotted to Siddaramaiah's wife in an upmarket area in Mysuru, which had higher property value as compared to the location of her land which had been "acquired" by the MUDA.

The MUDA had allotted plots to Parvathi under a 50:50 ratio scheme in lieu of 3.16 acres of her land, where MUDA developed a residential layout.

The controversial scheme envisages allotting 50 per cent of developed land to the land loser in lieu of undeveloped land acquired for forming layouts.

Stating that he will ensure there is "cleanup" in MUDA, which has been "rotten" for some time now, even during the BJP rule, the chief minister in response to a question said, the inquiry will be done regarding alleged irregularities that have happened there.

Noting that in 2014, the MUDA, despite the 3.16 acres of his wife's land not belonging to it, made sites on it and allocated them to people, Siddaramaiah said, "What should we do? Should we keep quiet? Alternate sites were sought by us, but we did not seek them in any specific locality -- Vijayanagara."

Noting that the BJP was in power when alternate sites were allocated, the CM said, "Who should be responsible? It is they who gave alternate sites in the locality (Vijayanagara). We did not ask for it (in Vijayanagara). We only asked for alternate sites to be given to us in lieu of our land that was taken over by MUDA."

"If MUDA committed the wrong when BJP was in power, how can Siddaramaiah be responsible for it?" he questioned.

As per the land acquisition act, his family is entitled to compensation from MUDA for taking over the land, Siddaramaiah said.

"MUDA will have to pay Rs 62 crore (as compensation). Let them take back the alternate sites allotted. We had not asked for it in was done while BJP was in power," he said.

To a question about activist TJ Abraham filing a complaint with the Election Commission against him alleging that he had failed to disclose his wife Parvathi's ownership of 3 acres and 16 guntas land in his election affidavit, Siddaramaiah said, "If the Election Commission gives notice, I will respond to it. Will give whatever answer has to be given in accordance with law."

(With PTI inputs)

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