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J-K: 'Terrorist supporters to be dealt under much harsher Enemy Agents Ordinance', says DGP Swain

J-K DGP RR Swain made these statements after the Union Territory witnessed a fresh wave of terror incidents in the last two weeks. The crackdown on terror elements has intensified after the incidents.

Edited By: Shubham Bajpai Jammu Published on: June 24, 2024 8:25 IST
Terrorist supporters to be dealth with more strict law
Image Source : FILE PHOTO J-K DGP RR Swain

Amid the rising terrorism cases in Jammu and Kashmir Director General of Police (DGP) RR Swain on Sunday sternly warned terrorist sympathisers and stated that the people supporting terrorists will be considered enemy agents and would be accordingly dealt with under the Enemy Agents Ordinance, adding that EAO is much harsher than the UAPA 

"In J-K we have a special law called Enemy Agents Act/Ordinance, which was made when foreign invaders/raiders, especially Pakistanis, enter India and try to destabilise the system, as they call it, 'to disturb and destabilise the government established by law'. Those who support such terrorists will be termed enemy agents, and the minimum punishment for enemy agents is life term and death. This is a harsher law than UAPA," Swain told reporters.

EAO made to tackle foreign fighters and invaders

He said that the EAO was made to tackle foreign fighters and invaders, especially those coming from Pakistan to disturb and destabilise the government. On the question of the involvement of trained Pakistani commandos in terrorist activities taking part in the UT, DGP Swain said that as far as the security forces are concerned, it doesn't make a difference and it is a matter of tactics.

He said, "Well our understanding is because they are usually not caught alive, we suppose they are caught once we know the full truth but till that time given the way they are fighting or they are sort of terrorizing, they do not hesitate to kill even a man while walking, so it doesn't make a difference as far as we are concerned, it's actually a matter of tactics.”

“For us, he is an enemy, whether he has come from a uniform background, or jail or a terror factory," he added. He went on and said, "We will try to minimise such losses with the help of training, determination and tactics. We will defeat the enemy and if they think we are shying away just from the fear of losses, they are mistaken.” 

Rise in terror incidents

It is pertinent to note that Swain’s statement came at a time when J-K has witnessed multiple terror incidents in the last two weeks. Meanwhile, DGP Swain also expressed concern over the internet becoming the medium for sustaining terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. 

"The internet is becoming the medium of sustaining terrorism and separatism in Jammu and Kashmir. If I give such a statement, I am not too far from the truth... Cybercrime is broad in its context. It can be involved in all the other conventional crimes," he said.

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