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Uncontrolled diabetes can trigger several health problems; 5 fruits to keep your blood sugar levels intact

A large number of people in India are suffering from diabetes which can be a reason for other health problems as well. Therefore, during the ongoing time of COVID-19 pandemic it is even more essential to keep your blood sugar levels intact. Here we are with a list of 5 fruits which will keep your diabetes in control.

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New Delhi Updated on: November 22, 2020 0:57 IST
5 fruits to keep your blood sugar levels intact
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Fruits for diabetes

Several medical studies have shown that India has fast become the diabetes capital of the world with a large percentage of patients suffering from uncontrolled diabetes. With the onset of Covid-19, these patients have also become the worst sufferers. However, Covid or not, Indians are now more susceptible to having diabetes with reasons ranging from sedentary lifestyle to other medical causes. The condition has, however, worsened after the months-long lockdown and the raging air pollution.

A study conducted by a diagnostic centre revealed that the people living in metro towns are inching towards developing diabetes. The study assessed 4,53,854 fasting blood sugar test samples across age groups collected. The results indicated that across age groups, 24 per cent of the people with borderline levels of sugar i.e. were pre-diabetic.


Guava not only keeps blood sugar levels in control but also helps in curing constipation. The fruit has a good source of fibre which keeps your indigestion issues away.


Just like guava peaches are also rich in fibre which helps in slowing down the release of sugar levels in your blood. Therefore, it is one of the ideal fruits to have in case you are suffering from diabetes.


Kiwi is rich in many nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C which are good for your eyes and your skin. The fruit also increases your immunity and helps in slowing down the release of glucose in your blood which makes it a good choice for diabetics to have. 


An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Well, this saying is true as this fruit does wonders for diabetics. Apples are rich in fibre that keep your blood sugar levels controlled. 


Cherries are stuffed with antioxodants which according to studies help in fighting a lot of health issues like heart diseases and they even reduce the risk of cancer. However, always keep in mind that you buy fresh cherries and avoid the canned and frozen ones as they may have added preservatives which can be harmful for diabetes patients. 

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